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User SiOtter

Si-Otter (its a pun)

Known as Otter
Gender Male
Location Kanal Town
Nationality Canadian (British Columbian & Nova Scotian)
DOB 2004-09-1
Occupation Model kit designer, Ski Instructor
In Freedonia
First joined 11/02/2017 (GrumpyMosasaur)
First building Dernals Temple (outside purple nexus hub)
Kit level **** Gold
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About Me

Hi I am SiOtter, I'm that guy you see in chat talking about his super old town everyone should totally visit. I mainly do Kanal Town / infastructure stuff and make logos for players on the server. I also play some anarchy and have a pretty long and convoluted history on mco with lots of plot holes and bad writing. Feel free to contact me if you need help planning anything or want a flag/logo made for your city, region, or personal use.

Contact Information

/Mail Send SiOtter (message)

Builds & Projects


Spawn Continental Railway Network

  • Better-Connecting Freedonia via rail, also railways are cool so why not!

Dernal Mountain Range

  • A massive mountain range in the heart of the Great Lakes Province. Its a 6 year project for me now and is my ultimate thing to procrastinate on.

Shinto Shrine Maintenance

Project 24-C

  • Upcoming Dungeon

Hole in the Wall

  • My base, not saying where it is though.

Project 25

  • New Town

Project 25-A

  • Second new town

Logos, Maps, and Skins

  • 2018-2020 Western Highways Map
  • 2018-current Kanal Town City Maps
  • 2023-current Great Lakes Province Maps
  • 2023-current SCR Logo
  • 2023-current FBI (Freedonia Bankers Institute) logo
  • 2023-current FRS Logo (commission)
  • 2023-current SCR Maps
  • 2023-current SCR Ingame Map

-A few flags and stuff are also my designs which are still used by players.

-I also do planning for peoples cities and infrastructure routes.

Complete and Abandoned Builds

Kenneccot Mine Mill

  • A large mine located in what was once the borderlands, now owned by Ghostis_s

Empress Statue

  • Replacement for the older Rapty Memorial, it was made in 2023 for Kanal Towns 6th birthday.

Dernal BrewHouse

  • Pub located in Kanal Town, it serves as the meeting place for city council.

Raptor Statue & Dernal Temple

  • Oldest of SiOtters builds, located near the purple nexus hub.

Kanal Town Market & Auction House

  • A public market + auction house located on Kanal Town's darkoak dock.

Kennicott HQ

Canadian Club

  • A Canadian exclusive build for people from all provinces!


  • A town named after a place he visits sometimes.

Cakeville Shinto Shrine

  • A shinto shrine in Cakevilles oriental district

The Wall Complex

  • A longhouse, castle, and a giant wall in a frozen desert!

Kennicott Incorporated Mines

  • Mining and stuff, read the page.

Redrose Mine

Empresses Tomb

  • Dungeon I am making below Kanal Town with many others, thanks for the help everyone!

Kanal Town

  • My old 2017 town I still operate! My goal is to get it to 10 years of constant player habitation. (7/10 years currently met, 70% the way there)

Mecha Statue

  • 1:1 scale mecha, on Kanal Towns Spruce Dock


SiOtter's House

  • SiOtters 2017 House


  • Various mco anarchy players & SiOtter chilling at a mapart party.


  • Krenath examining SiOtters redstone. Not the first time, far from the last.


  • Chess in Kanal Town, a fun pastime I enjoy sometimes.


A brilliant Idea.png

  • 80 Withers at KTS, what can go wrong?


  • I went to the right coords wrong axis when heading to a grief on anarchy. Not my proudest moment.

  • SiOtters note: this may be the painkillers from my surgery talking but k(Anal) Town jokes are hilarious. Always have been and always will be!