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User tindwcel

Steve skin, to discourage head hunters

Gender Male
Nationality British
In Freedonia
First joined 29 October 2011
Staff member Moderator
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Extremely talented when using Craftbook, tindwcel will help anybody with just about anything.

(These words above are not Tindwcel's)

Please read the important #Statement about the roads I have built --Tindwcel 10:24, 14 March 2020 (UTC)

Tindwcel joined the server on 29th October 2011, having only played Minecraft in single player mode for over six months. The following is one of his earliest screenshots that is definitely of MinecraftOnline. 2011-11-04 13.33.54.png On the Skyway, near Spawn, 14th November 2011.

2012-02-24 09.16.56.png Selfie outside the visitor centre, 24th February 2012

2019-12-01 17.22.19.png Again, on 1st December 2019

Statement about the roads I have built

I firmly believe that the purpose of roads and pathways is to make travel easier and that this means that the connection of new roads and pathways to existing ones has an inherent positive effect, and does not of itself constitute grief. However, I do realise that, in the minds of some, there may be doubt about this. I have heard reports of players being banned for connecting to my roads. That is why I make the following statement.

I grant all players permission to connect roads or pathways to any that I have built, so long as they do not impede travel on my existing road or pathway in any way (such as, for example, making my road narrower, or reducing headroom such that a mounted player could not pass). This is not permission to modify my bridges and tunnels. Players should also realise that I retain the right to modify or remove these connections if feel I need to do so for any reason.

My roads are usually, but not always, made of cobble or stone, edged with birch or oak.

--Tindwcel 10:24, 14 March 2020 (UTC)


In this example Cobble X impedes travel between Birch Plank A and Birch Plank B. This should be considered as addition grief, however, I would usually be inclined to either let it slide, or just deal with it myself rather than complain about it.

Projects and Builds

In no particular order, and not a complete list. (pictures will be added)

MCO 2019 Simulator

A way of showing future players what 2019 was like.

 Idea stage only.

First House

2019-11-28 16.59.24.png

As a brand new user, Tindwcel had read the rules and quickly came to conclusion that there was nowhere around Spawn that he could safely gather resources. He looked at the magnificent buildings and reasoned that most of the underground near Spawn would already have been mined out. He therefore departed on foot and walked west across the countryside until he felt far enough away that he could mine. An important clue was the discovery of coal ore exposed on the surface, which made him feel he was in a relatively virgin area. He then founded his first home, a combined cobble and dirt noob hut/ mine.

House at Land Of Seville

2019-11-28 20.15.58.png

Third House

2019-11-28 19.49.30.png

Small House at Epicville

2019-11-29 10.11.01.png

Shelter at Mavidsville

2019-11-28 20.31.27.png

Ocean Base

2012-10-11 14.51.02.png

October 2012, Cobble has never looked so fine.

2019-12-01 21.04.10.png

Deecmber 2019. Hardly changed at all, although it could be said that the older screenshot is nicer, because the Minecraft version from that time still had the fog effect.

Screenshot 947.png

Ocean Mine


Tin Town

2019-11-28 20.23.27.png

2011-11-24 17.48.57.png

Abandoned town project.

Air Filter

Screenshot 941.png

So named because from certain angles and distances, and before the artificial lake and island were added, it seemed to resemble a giant automotive air filter

Stone Generator at Epicville

2019-11-29 10.07.58.png

Low-Medium output stone generator harvesting trees from 66 saplings to fuel 4 stone-making furnaces.

Notice how badly the torches and flowers have been griefed here.

Number 8

2019-11-29 10.08.11.png

An experimental prototype seven segment display.

Wool Farm at Epicville

2019-11-29 10.08.26.png

A fast, compact automatic sheep grinder.

Golem Farm Building at Epicville

2019-11-29 16.20.20.png

A Collaboration with EpicWN1337 and Videogame57

Telecoms Lab at Epicville

2019-11-29 10.13.22.png

This was a prototype long range loaded chunk detection system.

Birch Farm at Epicville

2019-11-29 15.53.11.png

A simple, efficient, high-output, tree farm intended as a demonstration of how easily these things could be made. This design will harvest trees from 33 saplings. Compare this with inefficent farms that use relatively complex circuitry to detect and harvest individual trees. This basic design uses no actual redstone at all!

Birch Farm at Skyline

2019-11-28 15.03.19.png

Two rooftops, each with two basic 33-sapling tree farm modules, so harvesting trees from 132 saplings in total. Half the output goes to provide a private source of charcoal (wool griefed and all charcoal stolen as of November 2019).

Stone Generator at a secret location

2019-11-28 15.20.19.png

This is in a large, relatively secure underground room so none of the mechanism needs to be protected. As a result, we have a large, naked, beautiful, machine. This machine has high sapling density and harvests trees from trees from 132 saplings to fuel 12 stone-creating furnaces.

A collaboration with Ardoom1 and Theschlozmeister.

Oak Farm at The Psychward

2019-11-28 16.22.56.png

Harvests trees from 198 saplings. Outputs are a public supply of Oak and a small private supply of Apples.

Stone Generator at The Psychward

2019-11-28 16.27.26.png

Low-Medium output stone generator harvesting trees from 66 saplings to fuel 4 stone-making furnaces. Also provides Cobble, Charcoal, Birch and Saplings as auxiliary outputs.

Steak/Leather Farm at The Psychward

2019-11-28 16.28.43.png

Another Stone Generator at a secret location

Screenshot 946.png

2019-11-29 18.38.32.png2019-11-29 18.41.14.png

Very high output stone generator harvesting trees from 132 saplings to fuel 40 stone-making furnaces.

Oak Farm at Autumnwood

2019-11-30 17.43.24.png

2019-11-30 17.44.20.png 2019-11-30 17.45.57.png

A first attempt at "a better tree farm".

TindyBurger at Autumnwood

2019-11-28 21.40.00.png]

Free food farm. Griefed by people too stupid to understand what they were doing. Currently inoperative.

Stone Generator at Autumnwoood

2019-11-28 21.38.13.png

High output stone generator harvesting trees from 220 saplings to fuel 20 stone-making furnaces. Does not produce any by-products.

Birch Farm at Autumnwood


Underground Tree Farm at Autumnwood

2019-12-01 18.33.01.png

Tindwcel assisted in the building of a underground stone generator at Autumwood, by contributing a minimalist 22-sapling birch farm.

Collaboration with Aeginus and CUPumpkinhead

Glass Factory at Autumnwood


Tindyburger at World's End


Various Roads, Bridges and Tunnels

2019-11-29 08.13.27.png

The Ugly Sisters watch over an islet where three bridges meet. Note on the left bridge some addition grief that has since been removed.

Screenshot 950.png

A new(late 2019) bridge on the Route 101 extension south of New Dublin. Note that somebody had attempted to claim the land on the left by encircling it with cobble.

Various Nether Shelters

2019-11-29 16.49.00.png

This example provides shelter around a portal near Mount Jackal. At the time this was built it was almost impossible to enter the Nether without immediately being blasted by ghasts.

Soviet Eden Monument


Upon the destruction of Soviet Eden, Tindwcel placed a small memorial.


New Wood, 2019

Certain aspects of the construction of New Wood seemed to represent addition grief on the road Tindwcel built between his original home and the warp at Westwood, and on a small roadside structure he had built.

2019-12-01 10.01.28.png 2019-12-01 10.03.14.png

2019-12-01 10.01.38.png 2019-12-01 10.02.15.png

Tindwcel entered into a dialogue with Ken_Wold over this. As a result he was given explicit permission to carry out aesthetic modifications on the area.

2019-12-03 00.05.07.png 2019-12-03 00.08.22.png

The issue seems to have been resolved.

Neo Tokyo, 2020

On January 1st 2020 Tindwcel was granted permission to build a road through a torch-spoilered, enclosed area, part of Greater Neo Tokyo.

Screenshot 951.png

In-game screenshot

Screenshot 952.png

Screenshot 953.png

Screenshot 954.png

Discord screenshots