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User Triplejx3

TJ's furry persona, a rabbit in a slightly too long striped jumper (sweater). This fursona doesn't usually have hair but unable to add long bunny ears to his skin a compromise had to be made.

Known as TJ or Triple
Gender Male
Location England, South East
Nationality Lapin
DOB 1988-07-6th
In Freedonia
First joined 14 March 2011
First building Travel Log Hotel
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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TJ as he likes to be known is the owner of the Travel Log Hotel.

Often the last person to initiate the /goodnight command and thus secretly refers to himself as TJ the Sun Bringer.

He likes to help players by answering their questions but unintentionally gets a little too involved with players being interrogated.

He's an out and proud homosexual and doesn't let anyone forget it, sometimes indulging in too much information or gruesome details.