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User Wulf_359

why explain anything?

Known as Wulf
Gender yes, I have one
Location yes, I have one of these too
Nationality U.S.A.
DOB Bizness-Ya-Nun
In Freedonia
First joined June 25th 2017
Kit level ***** Aether
Legacy donor level ***** Aether
View profile and statistics Wulf_359's page, I will work on it more later, as I feel inclined to do so.

My philosophy towards life is pretty simple. There are two groups of people who I give a shit what they think about me, and that is friends and family. If it pisses you off because you aren't in one of those two groups, oh well. There is little I wouldn't do for anyone in either of those two groups of people I know, but then again, I also don't abuse the word 'friend' like it seems a lot of different people do these days. As far as how I deal with the rest of the world, I try to be pretty easy going, and I try to be helpful to people, to a point. If you mistake someone giving you something you are too lazy to get yourself as "helping", then I am afraid I will disappoint you on that front. I am more than happy to pass on information to help you get what it is you are trying to get, if I know how and/or where, but most likely, what I have in game I worked for, and I am not going to just hand it out simply because you asked nicely. I will even go so far as to work with you to help you get that particular item, if I am not busy with something right then. I am not opposed to working to get what I need for stuff, and if I don't have it yet, then I make do with what I have until then.

If you see me in game as a sarcastic wiseass, then that is good, because that is how I am in real life too. And to be fair, although I probably shouldn't do this as much as I do, I kind of enjoy egging on trolls who act like dicks for no other reason than they think it is cool to piss somebody off. I feel sorry for the person they do that to in the real world, and the person they end up pissing off beats them harshly, because I don't want that person to end up going to jail because the troll was an ass.

Update: Got modded on the evening (for me) of September 10th, 2017. I still have been getting freaked out a little seeing my posts show up in game sporting a blue name, but I am gradually getting used to it. I will try to be worthy of the trust that has been put in me by giving me this promotion.

Because of the requirements of the position, I have to try to be impartial in all things, and some of you may think that my actions and attitudes have changed, possibly in a bad way. I am trying to still be who I was before, with the exceptions of things I have had to change because of the requirements of being a moderator. Please bear with me, as I am sure I will make mistakes at first. Hopefully less and less as I get more experience with the responsibilities I have been entrusted with.

I feel bans are not something that should be celebrated. I have felt this way before becoming a moderator, and have seen nothing to change my outlook on this. They are an unfortunate side of how some things happen in Freedonia, and I have come to accept that as fact. They are necessary sometimes, however. I was fortunate to not have to carry out my first ban until the next day. That being said, as some other moderators have done, I do have a 'ban wall', not to celebrate them, but a reflection on what happened to cause those bans.

I hope to be a good addition to the staff of MCO, and I am trying to grow in my skillset as a mod to allow me to be worthy of being selected for what I feel is an important position within the community. I am learning my way around as a mod, what is expected of me from the rest of the staff, as well as the rest of the community of MCO.

Update: Demodded on Jan. 10th, 2021. I am not going to discuss specifics as far as why, but the admins have their reasons, and I have my theories as well.

Current MCO goals

  • Have fun playing with the cool community on MCO.
  • Work on my projects as I can.
  • Get the rest of the world to accept "wiseassedness" as an actual word.
  • Be a good moderator, fair to all, but wise enough to know when to say "enough is enough" and wield the ban hammer justly, and only when needed.


  • Working on a tree farm area for more people to be able to get all the kinds of wood available to MCO players. There are some already, but more can be better. I might also possibly expand this to regular farm areas as well, for plants, and possibly animals as well, in the future.
    • Added a wool farm area, heavily "borrowed" from Diplomat Farms on the design. Same guidelines as those in place at Diplo's farm area, shears may be provided, but you have to shear the sheep yourself.
  • Started working on Spring City on July 17th (2017), and I am currently helping Bloodybather and the rest of the SC crew make it a better place.
    • Was forced to take over full ownership of Spring City following a second ban of Bloody for ban evasion on July 27th, 2017. Currently trying to upgrade the town, the wiki page for the town, and help the city grow.