Alpha Slab

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Alpha Slab
Alpha Slab.png
Block ID 44:2
Obtainable Yes
Craftable Not anymore
Limited? Yes
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Alpha Slabs are old versions of Wood Slabs that were in the game in version 1.3 and beyond before version release 1.3.1. They are notable for having an oak texture, but make a stone sound when walked on and requiring a pickaxe to be mined. On top of this, they also don't catch fire. The peculiar properties of this slab is probably due to them using the stone slab properties but with a wooden texture. As these slabs are no longer recreatable, they are rare and considered collectibles by many. Alpha Slabs lost their texture along with many other items when the server updated to 1.12.2. However, unlike other all other untextured blocks/items, Alpha Slabs will remain as unique items when the server eventually updates to a later version.

In version release 1.13, Alpha Slabs were reintroduced into the Creative inventory as "Petrified Wooden Slabs", making them available again for people who wanted them in building and such. However, they remain unobtainable in ordinary survival.