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Extracted from User:Mrawlins edits on the Main Page:

The warps are as follows:

Pyramid - Exactly as it says, a giant pyramid.

Cactus Farm - a once noble warp which seems to have sadly been abandoned.

Pirateship - a beautiful ship created with poetic messages left on its sides.

Maze - A replica of the maze from the shining, tricky but worth completing.

Woodencastle - A huge and magnificent wooden structure, certainly worth a look.

Verticalpool - Of interesting design, a sort of tornado like water structure.

Canalsouth - The south end of the grand canal.

Mountcraftmore - A replica of mount Rushmore, but with minecraft characters.

Sauna - Transports you onto a single glass block surrounded by lava, sadly there is no way to escape...

Skullcastle - A large stone castle with an ornate skull in the wall.

Weepingminer - A large and beautiful statue of a crying miner, how sad.

Floatingcastle - A large castle, and as the name suggests it is built on a floating island.

Cathedral - A large cathedral made of stone, a great creation.

Caverns - Large rocky outcrops which form cavern-like caves, interesting scenery here.

Clubhouse - A huge clubhouse, a truly fantastic creation!

Satellite - A large circular building with one central water lift.

Canalnorth - North of the great canal.

Outcastvillage - A small village in what seems to be nearly untouched land, could be good for building!

Greatarch - A large natural arch, an odd formation.

Northenoutpost - A very very high up outpost, with a long drop into water..

Twintowers - Two large towers with a floating plane in the centre, interesting..

cityville - A fairly large town, could be fun to explore.

Oppressia - An area with an airport, floating machines and a statue, lots of open water here.

Hell - a cobblestone and gravel area, giving it a barren like appearance with large, odd structures.

Greateasternwalkway - a long walkway, good for exploring.

SpiraLabyrinth - A large maze with a spiral core.

Hellstarbridge - A huge bridge, and a magnificent creation.

Newatlanta - A fairly lrge town, this is the warp nearest the fake nether.

Dam - A very large dam holding a lot of water.

Catville - A large town with a very big spleefing arena close by.

Cliffsoffailure - A large, jagged cliff one block wide at most parts, don't look down!

Zeppelin - A huge floating Zeppelin!

Battlefield - A large expanse of destroyed land, in the ghast war.

Ampcity - A large city, with the amp symbol in the wall of a castle.

waterway - A very large expanse of water.

Drumcity - A very big city with some interesting buildings.

Passivesplace - A large pyramid with another pyramid inverted on top of it, impressive!

Underworld - A long drop, into darkness...

Nazca - An open land, with a big drop into water, lots of building space

Donorlounge - A special warp only available to donors, with a record corner, water feature, library and kitchen.

Newseattle - sandstone steps into an impressive fort.

Forbiddenoutpost - A fairly big town, home to giant flaming netherrack...

Krissleigon - A large agricultural area, with sugar cane, pumpkins, trees and flowers.

Pokethedral - A behemoth of a cathedral, with a model charmander made from wool.

SchlossKatzenstein - A very big castle, and very impressive too.

Watershire - A huge expanse of water with many ships on it.

Residaemian - A medium sized wooden town, with interesting aesthetics.

These should be adapted into the individual page descriptions of each warp page. Riot 15:50, 17 April 2011 (UTC)