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Cheating is defined as performing actions on the server that were not intentionally designed by the means of exploiting bugs or using disallowed mods. The page is designed to help clear up what is and what is not constituted as cheating.

What is Cheating

  • Abusing bugs or exploits in the game, i.e.
    • Duplicating items,
    • Exploiting manners to destroy bedrock,
    • Using ender pearls or other items/mobs to enter otherwise inaccessible areas or
    • Using any other unintentional bug/exploit.
  • Using illegal mods, i.e.
    • Using any form of a cheat client,
    • Using flymod,
    • Any form of combat enhancing mods or
    • Anything listed under disallowed mods.

What is Not Cheating

  • Manipulating AI for farms, i.e.
    • Creating iron farms,
    • Using player-tracking farm setups,
    • Using withers for obsidian farms,
    • Etc.
  • Using rank abilities for pvp, i.e.
    • Using /heal in combat,
    • Using /teleport or /summon then attacking the player,
    • Using /tpto or /jumpto to avoid combat,
    • Using another other command given to ranked players.
      • Note: These are when used as rank commands and not mod commands. Using any mod command only obtained by being a Moderator for player to player interaction is considered abuse. For example: Pvping and using /heal without the kit access is abuse
  • Using allowed mods, i.e.
    • Inventory organizers,
    • Using surface level minimaps with waypoints.
      • Note: Cave mapping or showing mobs and players is not allowed.
    • Using macromod or other keybind mods or
    • Using any other allowed mods;