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Cheat clients are frequently referred to as "hacks" by the clueless. But in reality, downloading a mod for your game does not transform you into some sort of elite hacker.

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  • This page is about client modifications - changes to the Minecraft game client that alter its functionality or appearance. For non-standard features of the MinecraftOnline server, see Server Features.

MinecraftOnline is a survival server, and therefore certain game modifications that can give the player an unfair advantage over others, or cause harm to Freedonia, are disallowed.

Anyone using a disallowed client mod will be asked to cease by a moderator. If they do not comply after the first warning, a permanent ban will ensue.

If you have a mod that is not on the list and are unsure whether you can use it, make sure you ask a moderator or an admin first. Do not use it until you have approval.

Allowed Mods

The following modifications are allowed on the basis that they do not give the player using them an unfair advantage in the game over a player who does not have them installed.

  • Improved Chat and similar chat mods that allow reordering or tab filtering of chat.
  • Minimap mods that show an overview of the surrounding area from the sky,
    • as long as they do not show anything that would not be ordinarily visible to the player, such as caves or nearby players and mobs - this includes radar maps such as Zan's Minimap.
    • Cave mapping is allowed in the Nether dimension due to it's generated nature.
    • Use of waypoints and similar features are permitted.
  • Mods that improve Minecraft performance or alter display, such as Optimine or Optifine, or texture packs.
  • Inventory sorters and shortcuts such as Fastcraft.
  • MacroMod or other keybind mods.
  • Any purely aesthetic mod like shaders, Better Foliage, Tails, or Mo' Bends.
  • Building aids like Schematica.
    • as long as it is not used for world downloading.
    • Print Building is also not allowed.

100% Disallowed Mods

Any mods that give the player any kind of advantage over another player who has a vanilla (unmodified) client, such as allowing them to travel in ways an unmodified client could not, or gather materials in ways that an unmodified client couldn't, or obtain information not available to someone with an unmodified client.

  • Mods that allow you to fly or jump higher or run faster than usual, such as Flymod.
  • "No-clip" mods that allow you to pass through walls or solid objects.
  • Area damage mods that allow you to break blocks or attack players without clicking to hit them.
  • Fast-build or fast-break mods that allow you to place or break more than one block at a time.
  • X-Ray mods and transparent texture packs that permit the user to see through otherwise solid objects.
  • Modifications that confer any kind of PvP advantage.
  • Radar mods that show where players or mobs are, even if you would not otherwise be able to see them.
  • Invincibility mods, including anything that reduces or removes fall damage, avoids combat attacks, or drops packets before they can reach the client.
  • World downloader mods of any kind, including Schematica downloading.
    • Occasionally, world downloads can be obtained of certain builds through admins.