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Screenshot demonstrating the friend list in use.

Added by SlowRiot on May 5, 2011, the friends list allows you to check which one of your friends are online without having to search through the lengthy /who command output. When first connecting to MinecraftOnline, a message will appear notifying you of how many of your friends are online.


A green star indicates that a specified friend is online, while a dark grey star shows they are offline.

Doing /who will also show green brackets around any online friends.


  • /friends - Displays your friends list, and highlights which ones are online.
    • /friends online - Displays only your friends which are online.
    • /friends offline - Displays only your friends which are offline.
  • (/listfriends, /friendlist and /friendslist are all aliases for the /friends command.)
  • /friend playername - Adds playername to your friends list.
  • /unfriend playername - Removes playername from your friends list.