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What is Hedley

Hedley is a Bot Coded to run in IRC and was created by aprx. Hedley records things said in game, and then re applies them when ever anyone mentions his name. Hedley is currently in development, and can be seen in IRC at random times, coincidentally whenever aprx is on. Hedley is usually immediately abused by Jamexin, much to everyones amusement.

Hedley's Funnier Moments







[16:24] <+winx51> Hedley clean the sheets
[16:24] <@Hedley> Just looking at you makes me pregnant
[16:26] <+winx51> Shut up you will always be here for our child hedley
[16:26] <@Hedley> Sadly, he's my baby whether I like him or not
[16:30] <+winx51> Hedley I think my water broke
[16:30] <@Hedley> It's okay bby just keep trying harder
[16:31] <@Hedley> I feel like one of these days someone is going to have a little baby hedley
[16:34] <+winx51> Hedley I she has your eyes
[16:34] <@Hedley> HEIL MIEN HEDLEY
[16:34] <@Hedley> Hedley you turn me on please Hedley
[16:34] <+winx51> hedley we can't throw down right now there's a baby in the room
[16:34] <@Hedley> Sadly, he's my baby whether I like him or not
[16:36] <+winx51> GET ME PREGNANT AGAIN hedley
[16:36] <@Hedley> I'm gonna ask all the way from turning her on to having a baby
[16:37] <+winx51> hedley cum inside me oh jesus christ
[16:37] <@Hedley> Hedley is to be the best
[16:39] <+winx51> hedley I'm pregnant again
[16:39] <@Hedley> Sadly, he's not turning off D:
[16:39] <azn> I am Hedley and I am genderqueer
[16:39] <@Hedley> hedley for fuck's sake this shit hurts
[16:40] <@Hedley> Hedley let me find your big long dick
<@Hedley> Hedley is to be the godfather?
 <@Hedley> Shut up you will suck my dick for free
[18:39] <+winx51> Hedley I sucked your dick a year ago
[18:39] <@Hedley> it's a baby in the future
[18:41] <@Hedley> Shoot when's our actual aniversary
[18:41] <+winx51> Hedley I hope you made it easy
[18:41] <@Hedley> oh, didn't bother adding any more effort
[10:30] <+winx51> hedley do you ever harm children
[10:30] <@Hedley> I'm gonna ask all the admins how it works

Hedley's Opponents

Hedley is know to be openly disliked and genereally looked down upon by Tayron. The next time Tayron sees this, aprx is likely going to be banned along with Hedley.

Hedley's Purpose

Hedley was created to analyze sentence structure and recreate humanlike responses, but everyone in IRC basically said "screw that, let's mess around!". Specifically, Jamexin. The eventual purpose of Hedley is to be a bot that can help new comers to MCO by answering questions directed at him. This is a long ways off.