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User jamexin

The Silent Observer

Known as Jamex
Gender Male
Location Chino, California
Nationality American
DOB -12-26th
Occupation Jackass
In Freedonia
First joined 17 April 2011
First building A Dirt cave near forbidden outpost, which is now a great railway stop.
Donor level ** Stone
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About the Legend

Jamexin is an old and war hardened Freedonian. He has fought among side many a legend. First with the slaughter of innocent with Charlesbaechler And then again with the Holy high ToneDial. Jamexin is an old regular on the server, and is usually in a somewhat docile mood. Rustle his jimmies at your own risk however, for Jamexin has an almost infinite patience, and will exact horrible and cruel revenge on you, and most everything you care about, should you dare to rustle even the slightest Jimmy upon his magnificent head.

Jamexin Preparing for a 4 course dinner of trolled souls
A picture of the user Jamexin


Jamexin First found his way to MCO soon after purchasing Minecraft way back in Beta. He found the server through a server index website, and from there the rest is history. Before getting into Minecraft, Jamexin had many other interests on the internet. Forged in the furious fire of 4chan before all these faggoty newfags came and ruined everything that is known as 4chan. Nowadays Jamexin has settled on a much more servile purpose, that which be lurking the minecraft realm known as Freedonia, much to the dismay of many.

What He Likes

Jamexin likes many things including but not limited to:

-Free things

-Souls of the innocent

-Rustling Jimmies

-Making Pixel Art

-Bothering xArches

What He Has Achieved

Jamexin is currently the author of many projects project on MinecraftOnline including:Pikachu in New Atlanta, Jamexin-Ville, and has contributed much to many other projects. Jamexin is currently what one may call a asshole, or shithead, or more accurately a Troll