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Mapmarker labicon.png Lift
ID Lift
Self Triggered No
Clickable Yes
Input Yes
Output Yes
Rail No
Sign post icon.png Sign Format
First line Current floor
Second line [Lift Up]
Third line Text
Fourth line Text
Craftbook Page

Lifts are vertically-aligned signs that allow players to teleport between floors. They are triggered by right-clicking a linked Lift sign.


  • First line (optional)
    • Current floor name, this will show up in chat when you use a lift to this floor. The message would be Floor: followed by what is on the first line of the sign. If you put nothing here, it will just say You went up/down a floor, up or down depending on if you went up or down.
  • Second line
    • [Lift], [Lift Up] or [Lift Down] depending if you want to go up or down when right clicking the sign. Or make it only a destination (using just [Lift]).
  • Third line (optional)
    • Any text, most commonly explaining where the lift goes to.
  • Fourth line (optional)
    • Same as the third line, can be any text wanted on the sign.


[Lift Up]

A simple lift up sign, when right clicking (as long as there is another lift sign above it and a space for the player) it will teleport the player up to the floor the next lift sign above it is on. It will keep the player relative to the sign, and not change their x or z coordinate.

Floor 28

A lift destination sign, which allows players to use other lift signs to get to this floor, but will not bring the player anywhere when they right click the sign.


To use a lift, one must not only have the signs properly vertically aligned, and using the right signs in the right places, but must also have ground to stand on for when they go up or down.

If a floor does not have a place for you to stand on, it will say No floor! in chat. If blocks are in the way, it'll be Obstructed!. If this happens, try moving closer to the lift sign or in a spot where you should be able to stand on the next floor.

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