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MinecraftOnline Resource Pack is a resource pack made for MinecraftOnline which does not change any of the Vanilla textures. The items that are changed with the resource pack are custom MinecraftOnline items with most of the custom textured items being special items also known as collectibles.

This resource pack can be downloaded at https://minecraftonline.com/resources/MinecraftOnlinePack.zip. There is also a sign at Spawn with the same link. Check Spawn regularly for any pack updates.

Custom icons will apply on the client side based on the item’s NBT data, and therefore must require the MCO Resource Pack along with OptiFine.

How to Use

  1. Save the file as a .zip when downloading to your Minecraft folder (.minecraft/resourcepacks/), then on the Resource Packs settings ingame, select the pack.
  2. Set the following settings under Video Settings > Quality:
  • Connected Textures: Fast or Fancy
    • Enables custom textures for named placed-blocks (e.g. a container named "Companion Cube")
  • Emissive Textures: ON
    • Enables textures which ignore the local brightness level. In this image, Emissive Textures in the left are ON, and in the right are OFF.
  • Random Entities: ON
    • Enables custom mob/entity textures (e.g. Dungeon mobs like the hellhound in the image above)
  • Custom Items: ON
NOTE: Changing the values or these settings should be done in a safe location, such as /spawn. Here, changing the value of Connected Textures, Emissive Textures, or Custom Items will reload all resource packs, which will effectively "pause" your ability to play for a period of time, during which your character will be vulnerable to attack.


  • Custom texture for items exclusive to MinecraftOnline
  • Paintings with unique snaps of various places (Paintings named Freedonia, Tour, Christmas, Historical, Extended, or Cities have pictures of various places)
  • Title screen background featuring the old Visitor Centre

Related Packs & Forks

Assigns petrified blocks its expected textures. Alpha Slabs would become Petrified Wooden Slabs beyond 1.13 and gain its texture as a vanilla block.

Makes holding and dropped blocks and items the actual 1x1x1 size as if those were actually picked up without being compressed.

Adds textures which did not make its way to the official MCO pack.

Adds various textures from older Minecraft versions or from related Minecraft games. Also adds some textures for untextured MCO collectables.

Adds a lot of cool unofficial textures.

Currently, this is specifically made for those who use ViaFabricPlus with Fabric for 1.20.1/1.20.2, on which most of the normal MinecraftOnlinePack doesn't work because of various changes in newer versions of Minecraft and OptiFine. The following mods are recommended as replacements for the required OptiFine features; for detailed instructions and workarounds, contact Keegan:
For players using Sodium, this mod allows all of the above ones to be compatible with it: Indium
Alternatively, OptiFabric can be used to run OptiFine on Fabric, but you are more likely to encounter issues (namely incompatibilities with other mods); note that this mod does not contain OptiFine; it must be installed alongside it.

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