Project Hematite

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This entire thing is basically copy-pasted from a word doc I wrote like a month ago and I haven't gotten around to editing it entirely --Jello pudding

green_complexes.png Project Hematite

A render made during the middle of Phase 1

Owner jello_pudding
Category Complexes
Underground? Yes
Public? Yes
Started Oct 21, 2020
Size north to south 96m
Size west to east 96m
Coordinates X=-8704
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Nisgak Lal-Sital Bom
Map Link

Opening Statement

The current goal of Project Hematite Phase 1 is to hollow out an area of 6x6 chunks under the settlement of Nisgak Lal-Sital Bom and build the initial infrastructure of a city; including, but not limited to, a Tree farm, a Farm, and a Town hall. The Project will be an ever expanding project as the underground portion of NLSB grows.

Description of Work

Note: as of yet, there are no positions made available to the public to work on this Project.

Workers jello_pudding will be working to hollow out an area of 6x6 chunks from level 45 to 12. The corners of phase 1 of mining should be (x, z) (-8752, 12784), (-8657, 12784), (-8657, 12879), (-8752, 12879) The chunk from (x, z) (-8736, 12799) to (-8752, 12784) should be used for making stairs as we I descend, the stairs should be made to have an opening of 3 wide and 3 tall with steps being 2 blocks long and should wrap around just inside the chunk boarder. Ladders may be used during the mining phase as to not displace the natural stone in the stair chunk.

Current Phase

Phase 1, 96x96 blocks (6x6 chunks)