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User jello_pudding

Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist

Known as jello
Gender Male
Location Washington state, USA
Nationality American
DOB 1999-12-
Occupation Box Yeeter Package Handler
In Freedonia
First joined October 13, 2018
First building Nisgak Lal-Sital Bom
Donor level * Donor
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have no idea what to put here... but I'll put stuff here regardless!

Jello greatly despises the block lag and it gets in his way; despite this, he still plans on constructing something of interest. Jello has settled to the south-west of Vizima and is currently developing a small settlement (see Nisgak Lal-Sital Bom) and digging a large hole underground (see Project Hematite). jello donated on the 7th of September, 2019.



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Work In Progress



Quote Archive

Hay, hay you! put some funny quotes from me right here! c'mon! it'll be fun!

< Ramirez0909> who wants to see jello shoved up my asshole?
<jello_pudding> I dont
<Ramirez0909> get over here jello, you getting shoved up my ass
*jello_pudding retretes into the unknown
< HappyPurple> ]
<jello_pudding> neat
<jello_pudding> I'll quote you on that, Purple
<HappyPurple> i expect nothing less
<jello_pudding> "]" - HappyPurple
* _xdeb7f has quit (Quit: "]" -HappyPurple 2018)
<jello_pudding> never a truer symbol has been spoken
< reaxion> Beating a cow to death with cooked beef. Mmm.
<jello_pudding> brutal
<reaxion> While saying "This. Is. Your. Brother!"
<jello_pudding> quite brutal
<reaxion> :)
jello_pudding earned an achievement: DIAMONDS!
<jello_pudding> I win
<jello_pudding> I have won
<jello_pudding> game over guys
<reaxion> lol
jello_pudding left the game.
jello_pudding joined the game.
<jello_pudding> jk