Sky Village Station

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green_railway_stations.png Sky Village Station
Sky Village Station.png

Sky Village Station

Owner skybirdthing
Category Railway_Stations
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 15m
Size west to east 15m
Height 10m
Coordinates X=1775
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Sky Village
Map Link

A small off-shoot station connecting Sky Village to the greater FRS. Please contact skybirdthing for connection. The station is directly to the south of Sky Village, a natural village fenced off by skybirdthing.

Northern Stops

Currently there are no stops further north. But the station allows access to Sky Village to the North.

Southern Stops

Shortly to the South you may access the the FRS with connections to all over Freedonia. As well as connection to the large townbuildthing rails system.