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User skybirdthing

Happy awesome guy!

Known as Sky
Gender Male
Location California
Nationality American
DOB 1997-06-10
Occupation Karate Instructor
In Freedonia
First joined 11 July 2011
First building Skybird's House
Kit level ***** Nether
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
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"thanks you are the coolest person on the server" - BJNZ

"Sky's an angel of the God SlowRiot... yeah" - BryBer

"the 8 and 9 key r right next to each other" - skybirdthing


When skybirdthing, who many call sky, logged on to, he was offered some cobblestone by a mysterious man who he was never to see again. To this day it is not known who that humble underground farmer was. After getting his gladly welcomed cobblestone, Sky set out to find a nice place to settle down and live. Little did he know that he would soon be offered to become the first resident of Emucraft City.


After finding this town of Emucraft and settling down, Sky found the perfect place to build; and he wanted a castle. It would be his first big undertaking. When he started, he did not have access to one of those fancy cobblestone generators and BRIDGE mining. Sky was helped by nearly no one but a few of his real life friends and newly found friends from Sky City. Along came a man named jesusbsanchez who helped Sky with completing his mighty castle.

The City

After Sky finished his castle he began recruiting "noobs" to come join him at his castle. The players who still play on MCO are AlexFD, phantomlord2, NyanWup, JRACERS, phantomlord4, sparker34333333, and phantomlord3. Sky has no true home and that is why he does not live there. Sky is always asking for more players to come and live with him and his friends. He mostly gets new players to come. And that is the end of this story for now as Sky looks forward to more and new things.

Current Projects!

As of 3/15/12 with the release of 1.2.3 Sky has began making a Tree City with his friends jesusbsanchez, thesprazzzler, and wandererabove. The city will be based around a giant tree and have many jungle and normal trees. It already has a exp grinder thanks to the help from AlexFD. Sky is also looking for new helpers if you would be interested in helping please mail him in game.

As of current at 11/16/12 Sky has been working on an amount of villages including a sandstone one and an natural looking one. He has recently finished his large flower and is trying to find a use for it. He has been very bored since the nether shut down and wants to go Wither Hunting.