Fortici Tower

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green_towers.png The Fortici Tower

A solid build made of the finest materials

Owner Adalex3
Category Towers
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Size north to south 32m
Size west to east 36m
Coordinates X=-1236
Dimension Overworld
Settlement CosmicCity
Map link


The Fortici Tower is a tower built on July 31, 2017, by Adalex3. It is located in CosmicCity in between Original Cosmic and the Western District. It stands on a hill overlooking Original Cosmic, Cosmic Beach, Spruce Village, Western District, and Port Cosmic. The Fortici Tower consists of a 48-block-tall base with 8 floors and a lobby. There are also two towers in front of the main base that are about three and a half stories tall each. Because of this, the Fortici Tower is the highest standing building in CosmicCity

History and Construction

The foundation of the Fortici Tower was built on July 31, 2017, by Adalex3 with some help from Slime_tiger, another resident of CosmicCity. That day, the tower grew to be 6 stories tall. The massive amounts of wood and cobblestone were acquired from The Iron Reef. The next day, August 1, 2017, the next two stories were built, along with the walls, the towers, and the elevator.



The lobby is the largest floor of the tower. So far, it only contains the elevator signs to the other floors.

Adalex3's Penthouse

The top two floors are reserved for Adalex3. He has a marvelous view of the ever-expanding Cosmic City, and a drop chute that he can use to quickly get down to ground level. Slime_tiger is a fan of the chute and uses it often.

The Cosmic City Court House

The third floor is the Cosmic City Court House built on August 3, 2017. It is used for discussions about the accused griefers, stealers, and bullies in Cosmic City. If the player accused is found guilty, they will be taken to the Town Hall to be banned from Cosmic City.

The Cosmic City Court House