Iron Reef

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green_industrial.png The Iron Reef

A Render of the Iron Reef, showing the large space it is spread across.

Owner Anna_28 and Pieapple42.
Contributors StrangeOne101 Chewy27_ ickyacky
Category Industrial
Underground? Partly
Public? Yes
Started 2014-01-21
Size north to south 115m
Size west to east 115m
Height 188m
Coordinates X=-8484
Dimension Overworld
Map link

The Iron Reef is a huge collection of farms, most famously the dozens of iron farms (well over 30) that are its main feature.

The Reef got its name from an incident where over 20 iron golems escaped into the water and walked on the bottom of the large lake where it was located.


The area at the Iron Reef has multiple generators, some similar to the ones at Batugus Labs but much bigger in size.

Many chest rooms for the output of these generators use redstone lamps to indicate when a column of chests is full.

There are also auto fast shulker box fillers, to use these put a shulker box in the input chest, then wait for it to fill up to full or hit the button next to the chest to eject the shulker when you want it back. A row of redstone lamps will display how full the shulker box is while it is filling up.

Underwater Tubes

Long underwater tunnels made of stained glass connect many of the farms in this area, with one center intersection point in the middle.

Iron Collection Area

Collection area of the iron farms, where the iron golems burn all at one point. Iron is collected into a locked chest nearby and poppies can be collected on request (button activated). Below is a storage area for extra iron and poppies that is also private. A safe AFK room is available here.

Animal Cube

The Animal Cube is a small but compact animal farm, using large amounts of spawners to spawn mobs onto grass blocks which get removed by pistons so the mob falls into fire below. Items are cooked as the animals die in fire.

There are also two safe AFK rooms behind the nether portal.


  • Pig - Drops cooked pork chop
  • Cow - Drops leather and steak
  • Sheep - Drops wool and cooked mutton

The Animal Cube design has also been rebuilt by other players in Grifftopia and CosmicCity.

Crop Farms

Automatic crop farms.

Plant types:

  • Wheat - Collects wheat and seeds
  • Potato - Collects potatoes and poison potatoes
  • Carrots - Collects carrots- Under Construction
  • Beetroot - Will collect beetroot when done- Under Construction
  • Netherwart - Collects netherwart- Under Construction
  • Sugarcane - Collects sugarcane- Under Construction
  • Melons - Collects melon slices- Under Construction
  • Pumpkins - Collects pumpkins- Under Construction

Mass crafting table

A massive crafting table which can mass produce many crafted items. It can be used by standing ontop of it, putting items in chests then pushing the button in the center. The crafting table has two different modes. One mode on the left which crafts anything it can make out of the resources you give it. The other mode on the right side of the crafting table players can set it to craft one specific recipe.

Warning: do not overfill the minecart.

Giant Spruce Tree Farm

The second automatic giant spruce tree farm created on the server (the first being a test version in Batugus Labs). It has 36 giant spruce trees, each collecting a few stacks of spruce logs each time it is harvested. This farm is most often filled to the max with hoppers and chests meant for collecting the logs with craftbook doors, because of this many trees do not have room to be harvested and so stay where they are. The farm also collects saplings dropped from the trees.

Oak Tree Farm

Built by KevinGriffioen with a large amount of saplings and signs. Slime_tiger, Wulf_359 and Adalex3 also helped.

Also has output chests for apples.

Dark Oak Tree Farm

Built by KevinGriffioen from a design Anna_28 made.

Also has output chests for apples.

Giant Jungle Tree Farm

Similar to the giant spruce tree farm, this farm collects jungle wood and saplings from giant jungle trees. This is the third giant jungle tree farm to be created (First being at Glenfiddich, second being a test for this farm at Pie Island). This farm is still in progress of being built at the moment. Due to low sapling drop rate and amount of leaves in giant jungle trees this farm does not operate well.

Acacia Tree Farm

Automatically collects acacia logs and saplings. Includes a fast auto shulker box filler.

Birch Tree Farm

Automatically collects birch logs and saplings. Includes a fast auto shulker box filler.

Stone Factory

The Stone Factory is a very large stone generator at the Iron Reef, it has many layers and uses the cobblestone generator. It is connected to the main underwater pipes and located behind the old stone generator.

Stone Generator

The stone generator has a birch tree farm located on the roof of the stonebrick building with iron bar windows. The tree farm then uses furnaces to create charcoal. A cobblestone generator is below this and creates cobble to be smelted with the charcoal and create stone. The collection point is at the surface level of the building, with extra storage below it. The generator also puts extra birch wood, charcoal, cobblestone and saplings into chests next to the collection point.

Cobblestone Generator

Cobblestone generated 330 blocks at a time, with a unique way of creating the cobblestone different to most generators.

Zombie Grinder

A very large zombie grinder, with settings for collecting zombies in groups of 30 levels of experience points.

Currently out of order, in an attempt to reduce the lag of the server

Tunnel to Winterthorn

Located near the spruce tree farm, this tunnel connects to Winterthorn, which most players pass while traveling to here.


The Iron Reef also has tunnels inside the nether, to make walking around from one generator or farm to another faster, as in the nether the tunnels are eight times less the distance.

Nether Fortress

A natural nether fortress is also located nearby, where wither skeletons and blazes can be found.

Blaze Grinder

Using a natural blaze spawner from a nether fortress, this is a grinder for blaze rods. In order for blaze rods to drop, a player must hurt the blazes.


See Also

  • Batugus Labs - A larger complex of farms and generators, but smaller farms than The Iron Reef.
  • Winterthorn - Nearby settlement of medieval styled spruce wood buildings, forever celebrating Christmas.
  • Centari Forest - Player-made trees creating a large forest with flowing rivers and tree huts.