Highway Cafe

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green_hospitality.png The Highway Café
The Highway Café.jpg

Lobby entrance to Café

Owner getplayerhead.sh?Smithy087&16.png Smithy087, getplayerhead.sh?Sophiemcc&16.png Sophiemcc
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Kingcammy150&16.png Kingcammy150
Category Hospitality
Underground? Both
Public? Yes
Started 5 May 2011
Completed In progress
Coordinates X=297
Dimension Overworld
Settlement Watershire
Map Link

The Highway Cafe is a meeting placea and point of hospitality in Watershire.

If you ever get tired or hungry when on your travels around the Watershire area, come visit us at our Highway Café. We have all the food you could ever imagine, and a spiffingly great kettle for those chilly winter nights!

It's so easy to find us, as you cannot miss the huge statues overlooking the café!

Highway Statues.png

We also have an underground inn where you can spend the night (free of charge!), safely away from all those monsters! You can also rent a room if you wish, and then have the ability to customize your room to your liking. One thing we ask is that you don't dig into the neighboring rooms!

Please note that the café is still heavily under construction, so not all features are available at the moment!

Famous Fireplace

The Café is home to one of the finest and awesome fireplaces known to man. It consists of a huge square fire, surrounded by double-glazing glass, which stands tall at the front of the café. Inside, it makes a lovely warm and cozy feel to the place, as it brings in the beautiful sunlight, along with the crisp warmth of the ever-lasting flames.

Highway Fireplace.png


Please contact getplayerhead.sh?Smithy087&16.png Smithy087, or getplayerhead.sh?Kingcammy150&16.png Kingcammy150 for details!