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The town belonging to Titangamer1216. Founded some time in late 2016-early 2017 (I wish I knew the exact build date but alas I don't). The town is mostly uninhabited at

the moment. it was built when I was roughly 16-17 years old and I was very new to survival building. I'm not very happy with it's current state. The town is currently undergoing a well needed and long overdue cleanup and restoration. This page will be updated quite significantly with maps, screenshots, and a list of addresses and descriptions of each house and building in town including road names and more. .

Notable buildings

  • TitanTown Town Hall (currently being rebuilt from the ground up)
  • getplayerhead.sh?Inspector_Foix&16.png Inspector_Foix's Mocking Station (Currently closed for renovations)
  • getplayerhead.sh?Inspector_Foix&16.png Inspector_Foix's Underground Tunnel System (Still under construction)
  • getplayerhead.sh?iempiemkadiem&16.png iempiemkadiem's house. home to our resident villager George
  • getplayerhead.sh?BlazDesu&16.png BlazDesu's public mountaintop farm

green_towns.png Titan Town

Image of Titan Town

Founder getplayerhead.sh?Titangamer1216&16.png Titangamer1216
Contributors getplayerhead.sh?Inspector_Foix&16.png Inspector_Foix getplayerhead.sh?Bowbyslag&16.png Bowbyslag getplayerhead.sh?Deadking2001&16.png Deadking2001 getplayerhead.sh?Blazdesu&16.png Blazdesu getplayerhead.sh?iempiemkadiem&16.png iempiemkadiem
Category Towns
Underground? Partially
Fortified? No
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Size north to south N/A (for now)m
Size west to east N/A (For now)m
Road link? via InfraDelta
Nexus link? Partially (Through San Freedonia. Pink 3, San Freedonia. Head south from San Freedonia)
Rail link? No ( Mocking Station is currently closed for renovation)
Boat link? Yes
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-164
Dimension Overworld
Map link