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green_infrastructure.png Boat Routes
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The pier at Temple Of Supreme Fishiness

Owner nosefish
Contributors Glen Team, shypixel, 14mRh4X0r, thesprazzzler, Anna_28
Category Infrastructure
Public? Yes
Started August 2011
Coordinates X=N/A
Dimension Overworld
Map link nosefish loves to explore by boat. After countless hours of sailing he realized that he could make a large part of the map accessible from his Temple Of Supreme Fishiness by digging just a few short canals to connect major bodies of water. He has since marked several interesting routes with buoys and plans to expand the network over time.

After finishing the Great Circle and Lothendal routes, as well as some branches, nosefish undertook an epic voyage to navigate their whole extent. Read his account of the journey here.


In order to be able to successfully navigate these routes, your render distance should be set to at least Normal.

Dear builders, when building roads or rails across water, make sure to leave spaces at least 3 blocks wide and 2 blocks high to allow boats to pass.

Blocking the boat routes or meddling with the buoys is grief. Should you find any kind of damage on your travels, please tell a mod or admin about it.

Completed Routes

Great Circle boat route
Junction Giant Cookie
Narrow passage
Arriving at Ocean City

Great Circle Route (Green/White)

Why would you warp to the sights of central Freedonia when you can go all the way round by boat? See all these exciting places from a new point of view:

Ocean City
Junction Temple Of Supreme Fishiness
Junction Sigma Castle
Junction with Samoroth route
Junction Dam
Junction Giant Cookie
Junction with Lothendal Route
Tayrons BioDomes
Obsidian Palace
Project Angel
Central Nexus
Casa de Austria
South Benjamese Empire Junction
HillValley / Epicaria
Ocean City

All branches of the Great Circle are marked with white buoys.

Pier at Mycelia

Lothendal Route (Orange/White)

Explore the wild lands of Freedonia's east and relish the sights of ancient Port Dhal, or attend a game of Pigchinko at Lava Town. If you are feeling adventurous, go all the way to Mycelia in the eastern ocean.

Junction with Great Circle
Emucraft (unmarked branch; why would you want to go there anyway?)
Junction with Shypixel route
GodlyCheeze's Asian Temple
Port Dhal
Lothendal Wood & Stone Company
Al Wahat
Edge of the World Pier
Shypixel route

SlowRiot Route (Red/White)

Go from Spawn to the Central Nexus by boat! You could, of course, just go through the South-East Nexus, but where's the fun in that? In a boat, you will pass lots of interesting places along the way:

Spawn pier
Cheese's Show Room
Central Nexus

Acsidol Route (Yellow/White)

"hey the water at your beach house is turning to ice" - bubba_basti
Because of the then new snow biomes and the destruction of its original destination, the Acsidol Route had been drastically shortened. With Rutopia having become a warp, 14mRh4X0r planned a route through the eternal ice.

Ocean City
Santana (ship)
Junction with 14mRh4X0r route

Aeginus Route (Lime Green/White)

Visit the picturesque town of Autumnwood and check on the progress of the construction of UnderWater while you're at it.


Enjoku Route (Purple/White)

Connects the ancient city of HillValley with Bastiansdorf in the far west.

HillValley (junction with Great Circle)
↔ Astro Nova
North Benjamese Empire Junction
Noelle (junction)
Deckland Junction
↔ Valley of Arches
↔ Junction Holiday Resort
↔ Junction thesprazzzler's Island
Bastiansdorf (junction with Mushiana Route)

New Venice Route (Light Blue/White)

Journey to the beautiful town of New Venice from the Central Nexus, passing Diamondmall and Artville, with a very quick branch to Greenhaven Village.

New Venice (junction with Snow Golem Route)
Central Nexus

FlyingJellyfish Route (Magenta/White)

The ultimate adventure: cross the vast Freedonian ocean in your tiny boat, explore a mysterious temple on a jungle island, discover underwater caves and ravines, admire large-scale artwork at StatuePark, attend a lecture at Avalon University, navigate treacherous swamps and winding rivers, and when you're done, have a cool drink at the NewHaven Ocean Bar.

Novum Culta
Junction Banhammer Island
Kangaroo Islands
Rose Island
Junction StatuePark
Forsaken Island Village
Junction Forsaken Island Temple
↔ Xandronia Oil Co.
↔ Pinktopia
Junction NewHaven

Sprazz Route (Black/White)

Travel to Melouthous from the Enjoku Route - with branches to Game City and MountJackal.

Enjoku Route

14mRh4X0r Route (Blue/White)

Travel the mountainous route between the Acsidol and Sprazz routes and visit the scenic Birchwood

Junction with Acsidol route
Nexus Hub North-East (Red) 1
Diamond Hill, Cherath and Eiremall
Junction with Birchwood branch
Shypixel's Gorges
Game City
Junction with Sprazz route

Mushiana boat route at Flower Farm
Buoys being stored at Sporangium Lord__Reginald's lighthouse

Mushiana Route (Pink/White)

Also known as the Anna Route

Connecting from Novum Culta and the FlyingJellyfish Route to the south expansion of the map, all the way to Bastiansdorf in the west. Made by Anna_28 with help from MusheyRoom and MIAGT.

The Mushiana Route will also be extended to go around the map and reconnect with the FlyingJellyfish Route to create a giant circle. For more information see the Mushiana route plan.

Novum Culta
Diplomat Highway
The Library of Babel
Baker's Edge
Darkshadow Village
Junction RED
Jackal-Corp HQ
Pie Island
Cascade Hotel
Sandy Bottom Nexus Temple
Shaver Island
Sandy Bottom
Pogo Island
nikta's private island
Junction Pink Forest
Twin torches
Flag of Switzerland
Flower Farm
Explorer's Island
Mount Nyan
Tal Rasha's Tomb
Fourth Bay
Acacia Glade
Ponn Village
Southern Outpost cibrage's village
Junction New Eden branch
Czech it out!
Junction Sunrise Hotel
Sunrise Hotel
RobbiePitts' Pyramid
Junction Acacia Rivers
Acacia Roads
Highest Natural Block
Port Lochrainn
Temple of the Gods
Waterboy0048 Mining Co. Mesa Division
Junction GodWall Branch
The McDonald's superfajter's place
Cammo11 & Supervogel1's Isle
Junction Janlyn Arena
Ivy Estates
Fakestaff HQ
Junction Winter Branch
Snappy's 3D Pokémon Statues
Spring City
Lavender Isle
Monumental Tower
Maywell village
Nyfitsa island
Bastiansdorf thesprazzzler's fishing shack
Mushiana Harbour at Project Moon
Agarsted, formerly Aeston South Outer Islands
Bastillia Isle
Gamelous Isles
Cobble Port and Aeston Harbor of Refuge at Aeston Isle

Newport Route (Cyan/Light blue/White)

A boat route that is mostly canals through the southwest area of the map. Built after the 2020 map expansion and have Newport as its main destination. Made by Martin19_12 and snakyman.

Newport (main destination)
Project Eros
Bumble Bee Intersection
The Nest
Carder Bee Intersection
Mining Bee Intersection
Mason Bee Intersection
New Poitiers
New Eden
Route modification permissions

If you need to change a section of this route for whatever reason, you can do it, as long as you provide a new connection with a minimum width of six blocks. You also have to add buoys to the new part to prevent confusion.


The Bee branches are made by ChivalricCode.

Amethyst Route (Magenta/Pink)

A boat route through the central southwest area of the map. Made by ChivalricCode.

Nexus Hub South-West (Light-Blue) 2

Snow Golem Route (Snow/Jack o'Lantern)

Zigzagging through the southwestern corner of old Beta terrain, this boat route goes from New Venice to Winterthorn, thus serving as a connection between the New Venice and Mushiana routes. The buoys aren't made of wool, but rather two snow blocks topped with a jack o'lantern, hence the name Snow Golem Route. Made by Daltalf with the help of Txkeykeeper and RainBd.

New Venice (junction with New Venice Route)
Dye in a Fire Arena
Yet Another Tower
Mons Albus
Eevee's Playground
Winterthorn (junction with Winter branch of Mushiana Route)


Emerald Route (Emerald Block/White)

Travel from Dragon River Peak City to the Emerald Mall, enjoying the high quality destinations along the way! This route will hopefully be a helpful addition to the infrastructure in the most Southern region and form a useful connection to allow others to go further in the future. Built by Ren in late 2021, with help from Erttum and Anna_28 in planning. Click here to get a map view of the junction at Dragon River Peak City.

Dragon River Peak City (junction with Syrus branch of the Mushiana route)



Isle of Fallhaven

Emerald Mall

Swedish Route (Blue/Yellow)

Explore the sparsely populated northwestern part of the 1.12.2 expansion. Maybe stop and attend a race at the Mendington Ice Circuit:

Snaketown (Snakyman Holding A Giant Salami)
New Sweden
North-west outpost

Maid Route (Light Green/Green)

Travel in the North Western 1.12.2 expansion area with this line. Starting at the same point with the Swedish Route (near the Snakyman Holding A Giant Salami Statue), Built by Maidy_Yuki the June 30th 2022, an new extension opened the August 4th 2022 who connect the Swedish Route to the Mushiana Route

Snaketown (Snakyman Holding A Giant Salami Statue)
Isle of Snak (New Forrrest)
Trexlergrad Cuecue2027's Town
Snowland (by the Ice-way, Junction inside the Tsukiyama Channels System)
Zvarri Branch Intersection
Saint Mihayrusburg
Gold Mall
Atlantis Mk.II
Bird City Area Stickysocks2006's base
Unknow Archipelago Unknown Archepelago
Ruth Island
Tedster Island
Mushiana Boat Route Junction

Panthera Route (Yellow/Brown)

A boat route in the Northern area of the map. Buoys placed by ChivalricCode and SadieSadie.

North Of Nowhere
Nexus Borderland Hub North (Pink) 2

Yugboat Route (Black/Red)

As far south as you can travel,
tracking along the near edge of the inhabitable world,
traversing deserts and the most inhospitable forests.
Buoys placed by YugRekooh Still growing daily - as fast as I can paddle.

22.5km long at the moment. That's about 17% of the total distance around Freedonia

Yanpnurna National Park
Yugusuela Idland Retreat
End in ice at the moment.

Simmuel Route (Lime Green/Light Blue)

Explore the ancient south-east corner of the original map with Simmuel's Route, connecting multiple landmark places in the region.

Port Dhal / Lothendal Route
Isle of Muu
Castle City / Emucraft (unmarked branch)
Kurai Cho (branch)
Nexus E3 / Townetria (unmarked branch)
Nexus SE1

Further expansion from Forestberg towards Xandronia and Aeginus Route planned. Stay tuned! For more information see Boat Route.


Waterfall Branch (Lime Green/Pink)

Nexus SE1 / Simmuel Route

Note: due to uneven water, it is necessary to disembark and embark on the boat again on the designated platform when going from Skyline to MonopleVille.


Planned, accessible

These places are already accessible from the network, but the way is unmarked:

Planned, inaccessible

These places could be made accessible with reasonable effort:

How to mark a Boat Route


  • Thorough planning can save you a lot of work. Placing a few wool blocks seems like an easy task, but it's actually quite a difficult and slow process once you get to deep water.
  • After choosing start and end point, find a route that does not require many canals or even tunnels to be dug on the map.
  • Connect to the existing network if possible.
  • Avoid snow biomes if possible. Note that some frozen areas are no longer snow biomes because of Minecraft updates, and will not freeze again once you've cleared a canal through the ice. VoxelMap or JourneyMap (or any other minimap mod) can help a lot here.
  • The more settlements or points of interest you can connect, the better.
  • Choose a colour combination that is not in use. If it's just a short branch off a main route, use just one colour. Most branches are marked in white.
  • Find a name for the route. Traditionally, they are named after well-known players who have some connection to it, but you can choose any name you like.
  • Document your progress on this wiki page from the planning phase on in order to avoid situations where two players use the same colour combination or build parallel routes.


  • A buoy consists of two wool blocks placed vertically of different colors with a torch on top, the lower block at water level.
  • If there is an obstacle on one or more sides so that it's dangerous to pass the buoy there, attach redstone torches to the impassable sides of the buoy.
  • Buoys should be spaced so that the neighbouring ones can be seen on normal view distance. Do not place more than necessary to guide players.
  • All buoys should be placed on the same side of the waterway. If you have to place one on the opposite side to mark an obstacle, invert the colour combination, e.g instead of orange-white on the left side place white-orange on the right side of the way.
  • To place a buoy in deep water, there are three methods:
    1. Build a dirt tower from the seabed up to 1 block below the surface. Place the buoy on top and remove the tower with a diamond shovel starting at the top. A helm with the respiration and/or aqua affinity enchantments helps a great deal.
    2. Place a lily pad on the water, place one wool block under it, which will make the lily pad pop off. Place the second block and torch on top of the first wool block.
    3. Wear Frost Walker Boots and walk on ice, breaking ice where you want to place buoy. Place first wool where broken ice was, place the second block and torch on top of the first wool block. This method might be messy however, so make sure to not clog up any boat routes with ice, but the ice should go away naturally.


  • Look at the map to see if there is a better way. Building a Canal or even a tunnel is much more work than placing buoys and will slow you down considerably.
  • When digging canals or tunnels, try to alter the landscape as little as possible.
  • Canals should be 5 to 6 blocks wide to allow two boats to pass each other. Very short canals may be narrower, but must be at least 3 blocks wide.
  • Tunnels need the same width as canals, and a height of three blocks above water level to allow players to leave the boat without taking damage.
  • Light up canals and tunnels with torches on both sides, at least every 5 blocks.

Dealing with Snow Biomes

  • Go around if you can; it's incredibly tedious to break all the ice unless you're an Aether donor and can use /heatwave, and a lot of work to keep the water from freezing.
  • Build a roof, leaving at least three blocks of air above water level. Use glass if possible to make it less intrusive.
  • If there is open water on both sides of the canal, you can place two rows of blocks (snow is customary, because it fits the environment) above the ice parallel to each other, from one end of the frozen area to the other, leaving a space 5 blocks wide between them. Remove the ice between and under the blocks. The water will not freeze again, because it can only freeze next to a solid block.
  • Simply lighting it up will not work! High intensity light does melt ice, but does not keep it from forming as it used to in earlier Minecraft versions, so you'd have a canal with patches of ice forming and melting constantly - highly dangerous.


When marking a boat route, you will need:

  • A generous supply of wool of your chosen colours
  • Many torches
  • Redstone torches - amount depending on the route
  • Dirt to noob tower to the water surface
  • Lily Pads to facilitate placing buoys in deep water
  • Logs - compact storage for wood to make workbenches, boats, signs, whatever you may need
  • Diamond shovel to clear underwater scaffolding and dig canals. Efficiency enchantment helps.
  • Pickaxe for building tunnels, rarely for canals
  • Shears to quickly remove misplaced wool blocks
  • One bucket to fill your canals with water.
  • Weapons and armour to deal with mobs. Try to get a helm with the respiration and/or aqua affinity enchantments. Remember that Knockback on swords is bad when fighting skeletons in the water!


  • Beginning of August 2011: nosefish marks the route from HellFireForge to Samess Cove with white buoys.
  • End of August 2011: stromhurst approaches him with the request to connect Ocean City and the Temple Of Supreme Fishiness, which nosefish accepts. To match the colours of Ocean City, nosefish chooses green and white as the colours of the buoys. He later decides to try to extend the route all the way to Glenfiddich, which works out surprisingly well. HellFireForge and Samess Cove become branches. The idea of a larger network of routes forms.
  • 1 September 2011: Orange and white route completed. After staring at the map for an unhealthy amount of time, nosefish sets himself the task to make the green and white route into a full circle.
  • 7 September 2011: Great Circle Route completed. Read and see what nosefish did next.
  • 12 September 2011: shypixel has built an awesome glowstone canal through the ice surrounding the harbour of Lava Town and asks nosefish to connect it to the network.
  • 14 September 2011: SlowRiot Route and Shypixel Route completed.
  • 21 September 2011: Acsidol Route and Hippywood branch completed.
  • January 2012: Ice is forming on some sections of the Boat Routes after changes to the biome code in a recent Minecraft update.
  • 31 January 2012: The Great Circle is once again navigable. The Acsidol Route was shortened to end at the Santana because of ice.
  • 1 February 2012: Aeginus Route completed, following a request by Aeginus to connect his town Autumnwood to the network.
  • 15 February 2012: Started extending the Lothendal Route towards Mycelia. Completed on 16 Feb. 2012.
  • 8 March 2012: Lothendal route changed near Emucraft to avoid yet another pesky snow biome.
  • March 2012: Another Minecraft update, more new snow biomes blocking several long sections of the Great Circle and SlowRiot routes.
  • 19 June 2012: All blockages have been fixed. The waters of Freedonia are once again safe.
  • 7 January 2013: Enjoku Route and two branches completed.
  • 29 January 2013: 14mRh4X0r conceives the idea of a boat route connecting New Venice to the Central Nexus.
  • 4 February 2013: crystalriver approves, and she, 14mRh4X0r and thesprazzzler set to work starting from New Venice, marking the route with light blue/white buoys.
  • 8 February 2013: The Light Blue/White boat route is finished after thesprazzzler marked the last part of the route.
  • 6 March 2013: nosefish completes marking the FlyingJellyfish Route.
  • 28 March 2013: thesprazzzler completes marking the Sprazz Route.
  • 26 March 2015: After clearing out a lot of space for a new route and an extension of the Acsidol route, 14mRh4X0r commissions Haromis to mark these. The new route is to be marked with blue/white buoys.
  • 28 March 2015: Haromis finishes marking both routes and named the blue route the 14mRh4X0r route.
  • 21 November 2015: Anna_28 and MusheyRoom start on the Mushiana Route.
  • 9 January 2016: The Mushiana route is connected to the Flyingjellyfish Route and Novum Culta.
  • 29 March 2016: Haromis adds Noelle to the Enjoku Route at JZTech101's request.
  • 10 October 2017: The Mushiana route is connected to the Enjoku Route and Bastiansdorf.
  • 7 September 2020: The Mushiana route, worked on by Hirudo6, now extends through Saikyo and terminates in Aeston Isle.
  • 23 October 2022: Simmuel Route built, connecting the surroundings of Forestberg with Lothendal Route

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