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User Acsidol
Known as Acsidol, Acsi
In Freedonia
First joined 20 January 2011
First building Acsidol's Abode near Ampcity
Donor level *GOD*
Legacy donor level *GOD*
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"It wasn't me that time." ~ Acsidol

"Abuse! Admin abuse!" - Random Noob

"Who keeps spawning zombies in my house?" - Other Random Noob

"Goodmorning Freedonia!" - Server "/time night" ~ Acsidol

"Stop with the lightning." - Random Player "Sorry was killing a spider." ~ Acsidol Acsidol was a moderator on MinecraftOnline. He was promoted to moderator on 11 February, 2011. He was demoted to a regular player on 4 July, 2012 for poor overall moderator performance and overstepping moderator authority in making a bullying ban. He is also a GOD donor, which he uses to every extent.

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Acsidol offers contracts for players to do difficult manual labor (like building Pirate Ships or planting reeds at Reed Hill) and in return gives them blocks and items of their choice.

Not all of Acsidol's giveaways require that sort of labor, though. For example, this wiki page is being written by techkid6 for 16 diamonds. Be on the lookout for advertisements of "odd jobs" to do for Acsidol!

I, ladebbie, am also editing this wiki for diamonds. Acsidol looked at my shrine I made for him. He said, "Make it a little bigger!" I guess I now know the exact size of his ego. He then looked at my animal pen and said that it looked dumb or stupid, I can't remember which word he used. I said "Maybe!" I was thinking, "Wow this dude is rude!" Then he offered to make me an animal pen. I said "Sure! Thanks!" :D I didn't mind that he called my pen dumb or stupid at that point. He made a very beautiful and creative animal pen, then put all the different kinds of animals in it! I thought that was very generous of him. I was impressed! Then I looked over at my animal pen and thought, "Yeah, it really does look stupid."


Pirate Cove

Pirate Pawn

Reed Hill


End Moon Base