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As seen on 6/04/2020

There are currently 20 known Gods of Freedonia[dubious]. These powerful beings roam the land, imposing their will with apparent disregard for the natural laws governing mere mortals. This category list those who have their own user page and have either received the God donor rank by donating real money or the God kit with tokens via voting (the former do not exist as of December 2022).

Do not add this category manually; Specify donor status on the user page's infobox user.

Super Gods Krenath

List of Gods

These are the current Gods of Freedonia, ordered by date:

  1. boothygg (aka TheSuicideBooth)
  2. Acsidol
  3. xanderstrike
  4. Drathus42
  5. 8litch (aka glitch80)
  6. gabzwithabz
  7. Moxieskip
  8. jonathanpanda
  9. ApexVII
  10. Secret[dubious]
  11. Secret[dubious]
  12. MattyQ
  13. Rufas
  14. bhugoz
  15. Excalibur_NUMNUM
  16. Bowbee
  17. mk59apr
  18. Paladin_Heihachi
  19. bawest
  20. TheDarkrai85

Note: a number of players have an undisclosed donation status, and the staff are bound by the server privacy policy not to disclose that status; as such, the above list is unlikely to ever be authoritative or complete.


The GodWall is a location where several god donors have created their player heads on a wall.

As seen in Oct 2011
As seen June 2012