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User Alex_Boat


Known as Boat guy
Gender Male
Location USA
Nationality American
Occupation Architect
In Freedonia
First joined July 27, 2017
First building House in Drocata Swamp
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About Alex_Boat first joined MCO on July 27th of 2017. On one of his first visits to MCO, Alex_Boat was recruited by sicroto to join the town of Drocata Swamp. Most of his time on the server after this event was spent building in and recruiting people to the swamp. In December of 2019, Alex_Boat was granted full control over the town of Drocata Swamp. He has built many buildings in MCO, most of them occurring in Drocata Swamp and a few in New Eden. Alex_Boat plans on establishing Drocata, the newer part of Drocata Swamp, as a town in 2020. Alex_Boat's Portfolio Alex_Boat has completed many projects in his time in Freedonia. His projects encompass a variety of structures such as apartment buildings, farms, private homes, and other public works projects. Some of his best works are listed below.

Apartment Buildings

  • Drocata Freedom Tower (Drocata; est. December 2020)
  • One Drocata (Drocata; est. August 2020)
  • Drocata Mid-town Apartments (Drocata; est. 2019)


  • Taiga Farms (New Eden; est. November 2019)
  • Drocata Public Farm (Drocata; est. August 2017)

Private Home

  • Alex_Boat's Mansion (Drocata; est. July 2017)

Public Works Projects

  • Taiga Farms Complex (New Eden; est. December 2019)
  • Drocata Animal Farm Complex (Drocata; est. 2018)