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User Almightykey123
Known as Almighty
Gender Male
Location Singapore
DOB -04-22
Occupation student
In Freedonia
First joined 21st october
Donor level ***** Obsidian
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  • all types of wool.
  • kind people.
  • to go mining with others.


  • griefers.

People he loves bubba_basti(Has been very kind to me + he built a statue of me XD). iLuvDiamond(has always helped me when i needed some help).


"What kind of cruel concentration camp are you running here, Almightykey123?" chivalrousWeasel

When he first joined nothing happened :P.Soon he build a house out of dirt and that was his first building on the server which was now goldengolem999's home,he then became his neighbour but then not too long after that he was robbed :(.He then with iLuvDiamond moved to a faraway place.But then iLuvDiamond was usually in-game at a different time from him.So he decided to asked bubba_basti if he could live with him,he agreed and Almightykey123 was very happy :D bubba_basti was very kind to him and he is very grateful and almightykey123 thinks that bubba_basti should be promoted to an ADMIN.And currently Almightykey123 is working on his ugly town called "Diamondkey"(not any longer).Currently working on something else....