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User bubba_basti
Known as Bubbles,Bubsti,BubbleButt
Gender Male
In Freedonia
First joined 30 May 2011
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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2012-03-19 14.31.28.png bubba_basti was born in the month of May. He had never found anyone he really liked at the start. The only person who would take him in was imaMIN0R (formerly known as imaMINOR), who he stayed neighbour of. He had a castle that was 3 stories high and 20 blocks wide. He then met someone called Raggus who had asked him if he would help build his city "Hillvalley" up and he agreed to help. While bubba was building he had been asked to go to briggs mine in hillvalley and that is where Raggus, Samoroth and Bubba started sharing chests. They had started out very poor but as they worked hard and helped others they gained more experience and earned more money. After 4 weeks of building with samoroth and raggus, bubba and them started to break since raggus was never online anymore and samoroth was helping Messick101 more often. So bubba had met someone who was very special to him, his minecraft father AndreyDio. They had helped each other out and wanted to do even more. Today they share chest rooms and are very rich. Together with sam and andreys chest room bubba has two people to rely on when he has nothing.

Nowadays he has his own chest room which he had built with his own wealth. He has used the items he had kept for himself since he had started. Everyday he awaits for Andrey to get online but he never does. Those days that andrey does get online are spent with andrey. He also awaits a new project from Glenteam.

What Bubba Likes Doing!

  • Bubba likes building for people and he likes building in other peoples cities.
  • He likes helping nosefish when he is bored. (usually results in another mess for nosefish)
  • He also likes helping stromisle with his island and his item needs.
  • He likes chatting with his mates on teamspeak.
  • He likes running around his chest room like a maniac.
  • He likes slapping xArches with his meat.
  • He loves Enjoku
  • He loves killing ardoom1 for no reason...

What Bubba Dislikes!

  • healthyuncle.
  • Bhsminecraft.
  • everything to do with that guy :P.
  • ugly dirt buildings (eeeeeek)
  • .......


Bubba is the kind of person who doesnt like pvp but loves building and exploring with other people. He also likes to talk on Teamspeak with andrey his minecraft dad.(warning he talks alot!) He also loves messing up nosefish's redstone things :D

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