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< Darkerfly> a nice person who interested in collectible and the server history

User Aziroeth

It's a fishbowl! :D

Known as Azi, Aziro, Azir, A0eth, Fishbowl
Occupation Professional procrastinator
In Freedonia
First joined 22 July 2020
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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Aziroeth is a well-liked player on the server, who tries to say hi to every player they know. They can often be observed running around the server, attempting to explore every nook and cranny of Freedonia for loot and just to see the incredible builds that others have made. A helpful player, they try their best to understand everyone and have empathy for all, regardless of what others on the server think about certain players. They tend to think the best of everyone (or at least try), and they always try to place themselves in someone else's shoes. Don't let their kind, friendly exterior deceive you though! They are also a looter and will not hesitate to take what they want from your unlocked chests (Thanks in advance for your kind donations)! They own a 'small' array of oddities and unusual items from their forays, which they may be willing to trade or sell for the right price...

Aziroeth is a relatively new player who doesn't consider themselves to be terribly deserving of a wiki page, but feels bound by a sense of duty to preserve what little history they have regardless. Despite seeming to be an average player, who tries to be agreeable, they carry the burdens of events from the past, and how they've acted. They believe themselves to be a bad person, despite being told otherwise. Despite this, other players act as if they enjoy their presence. -Old description, outdated since 07/10/2020

As of right now, they feel as if they may have taken on a few too many build projects, but each of them is important and will be worked on. -Outdated. I rarely build, after all...

The Journey so far...

(Note: This section is heavily biased and written solely by Aziroeth. Trust at your own risk!)

On July 22, 2020, after much debate and preparation, I arrived in Freedonia for the first time. The day before, I had spent my time visiting the main website and doing some baseline research on MCO. I knew of the three cardinal rules and how strictly they were upheld. I also knew that pvp was enabled, and the at playerheads could be taken. As such, I had spent most of the day carefully crafting an ideal playerhead, one which would be unique and worth collecting or using as decor. I had not looked at the wiki yet, as I wanted to experience MCO as a newbie, without possessing knowledge of existing structures and locations, which could lead to false expectations. I remember being quite nervous. I had only heard that this community was very tight knit, so I worried they would be hostile to newbies. I had also heard and seen images of the incredible builds on the server, and was worried that my builds would pale in comparison. Nevertheless, I intended to leave some sort of mark on the server, at least. Ultimately, I hoped to become a member of the community, at least for a short while, however, I was highly doubtful that this would be achieved before another 'incident' occurred.

Upon first stepping foot into Freedonia, I instantly recognized the darkness of the rules hallways from the videos I had watched previously. I made sure to stop and read the rules, as well as the signs on the chests in the enclave. I was thoroughly scared of what could happen, and I was paranoid about accidentally making a mistake. I went through the tour first, though I left halfway through because I got bored and wanted to explore. I distinctly remember chat being quiet when I joined, and I worried that it had something to do with my arrival.

To be further continued...


On the 7th of October, at around 2:25am server time, Aziroeth received an aquamarine name! A hectic, but exciting training session soon followed, led by none other that jimmyd93. Players AlTheChan and AbusiveLime (currently known as Retrolime) acted as the test dummies, allowing them to practice the usage of staff commands. The most notable things that occurred during this training were Aziroeth managing to add a note to their own name (on accident), and AbusiveLime being thrown into a pit full of charged creepers whilst being watched by many members of staff, possibly as a part of enriched training.

A note from Aziroeth: Thank you to everyone who congratulated me and supported me, these past few months have been incredible and I absolutely love the community! While I'm still not sure what I did to deserve a position on the staff team, I will try my best to live up to those expectations! Being a mod has always been little more than a pipe dream to me, but I am ready to take on this responsibility and be the best mod that I can be. Special thanks for jimmyd93 for promoting me and training me (I was highly confused the whole time that was occuring), Scampi_ for always supporting me and being the best Clownshrimp ever, Kilosaurus for being a good friend and a great person to talk to, Darkerfly for updating my wiki page for me, as well as all the others who believed in me and supported me through my journey thus far! I look forward to seeing what the future holds, for all of us!

First encounter with Darkerfly

(This part is written by Darkerfly)

One day, Darkerfly doing head hunting as usual, they come across a player call Aziroeth have a funny skin head on discord, Darkerfly recall this player joined the server a few days or a week ago thus they choose Aziro to be the target, but Darkerfly looking at chat log, picture sharing channel and the render file for clues to Aziroeth base, they find nothing! Can you believe it! This new player has nothing left for their trail, when Darkerfly frustrating on rather they should change the target or not, another player Mechman007 asked another player for their head, this gives an idea to Darkerfly, what if I go ask Aziroeth for their head? so Darkerfly asked Aziroeth for their head and Aziroeth agrees. And Darkerfly success to obtain Aziroeth's head

< Darkerfly this story tell us when u can be nice to people u should be nice to them and head hunting is still a lot of fun.

A correction from Aziroeth: Actually, first encounter was about 30mins after I entered Freedonia... You ran past me in a tunnel near spawn right before I was killed! Thanks for the wiki page edits though! (Also, the head cost a nether star, a stack of ender pearls, and some dbs)

< Darkerfly> oh yeah did I chased you? totally forgot such thing have happened lmao.

Note by DorpEngineer: I was the one who killed you if I remember correctly? :p also congrats on modding! Love from banland, Dorp



  • Exploration
  • Searching the old IRC logs and reading the banal conversations from players of the past
  • Writing stories and poems
  • Detailing their experiences in a journal
  • Looting... a lot of looting
  • Unlocked chests
  • Collecting rare and unusual items (The more interesting, the better. I have a particular affinity for 'illegal' items, as well as rep cookies or heads from staff or well known players. Anything with historical value is also greatly appreciated!)
  • Hoarding anything of significant value
  • Solving puzzles
  • Unravelling mysteries and revealing secrets... All knowledge is good!
  • Talking to people in chat
  • Listening to the issues of others and giving advice and sympathy
  • Learning new things
  • All the players of MCO! Each and every one of them, even the 'bad' ones!
  • Finding chunk errors or glitched chunks
  • Building
  • Odontodactylus scyllarus


  • Unlocked chests
  • 'Locked' chests with stupid locks!
  • Those incomplete IRC logs!
  • Unfinished builds
  • People who get banned for really stupid, avoidable things. (Please, don't do them, it breaks my heart slightly every time)
  • The 'secrets' they can never comprehend...


  • The clusterfuck - Aziroeth's personal base, and first build on the server. It sits above their (still unfinished) storage system.
  • Sheep stack memorial garden - A small garden within the walls of spawn, which has two stacks of rainbow sheep. One named jeb_ and the other named dinnerbone.
  • A house in Newport - A house in High Hill with a small waterwheel
  • 10th birthday build contest - A take on the the central nexus, with a banhammer at it's center
  • Some cobble towers in Project Eros
  • Some build for the 2020 Christmas build comp

Gotta get better at this... eventually.

Assisting with

Written works

  • A banhammer fanfic - A short text about an individual and their lust to become one with the banhammer
  • Here's to 10 - A sweet poem commemorating MCO's 10th anniversary
  • MCO journal series - A journal recording personal experiences and thoughts through Aziroeth's journey in Freedonia. Only one copy of each book will ever be released to the public via the New Eden auction, so be sure to bid if you are interested!
  • Some other random pieces of literature.