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"Dem you're a cuck" - 1Catnip

"TheSimpetri" - DarthSagit

User TheDemetri

Seems like a normal face, right? ;)

Known as Demetri, Deme, Lucas
Gender Male, from what I can tell
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Nationality Slav
DOB 1996-07-12
Occupation Internet wanderer
In Freedonia
First joined 04 June 2018
First building The Floating Isles
Staff member Admin
Donor level * Donor
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About Him

Demetri is an avid builder, farmer and explorer. When he joined he started building his The Floating Isles and adds islands irregurarly. He also has a home in Townetria when he needs to unwind. It is rumored he has a secret base filled with all of his treasure, but no one was able to find it yet. It is supposed to be invisible on World Map and cannot be entered without breaking one of the three commandments of our world. The current name of his alt is DemetriCZ (The prevous names are Happy10thBday, xc6, UrMomNomster and TheDemetree). He is the sole owner of Demetria Inc.


The Beginnings

One day in they year 2018 TheDemetri wondered about the oldest server in Minecraft. He did some searching using Google and found the website of MinecraftOnline. He booted up his 1.7.10 Minecraft and joined MCO. The first thing he did was to check /map for some nice spots of land. Then he went on a journey to claim the finest piece of land he could find.

The Encounter with a Powerful Entity

Once TheDemetri found his Promised Land, he begun cultivating it. Not long into this menial task he started to feel a build-up of power. TheDemetri being the normal mortal he is, he didn't know what to do. Any more power and he would self-combust. So TheDemetri did the only thing he could and started to channel his energy to the land around him. The ground shook and started to crack. Then it started to flow. Where once was a flat Earth, now a lake was created and above this body of water were The Floating Isles. It was a gift from unknown entity, so powerful it could shatter the ground, make it fly and suspend it in the air.

But channelling this much power isn't without consequences. TheDemetri is no mere mortal anymore. He holds power even he can't truly understand.

The Aftermath

After the ordeal with the unknown entity, TheDemetri started to build his base on The Floating Isles. With heightened strength, and quicker reflexes he quite easily scaled the biggest island and put all his items in chests. (To be continued)


  • Island Creation - Every now and then TheDemetri feels a rush of power. After few months of practice he knows what to do. All he has to do is channel his energy to the lake below, and another mass of land will rise from the bottom of said lake.
  • Teleportation - Similar to Island Creation, once in a while TheDemetri can feel tugging in his gut. That tells him his body is ready. He can concentrate on one of special places (places that are on the crossroads of ley lines) in the world and materialize there.
  • The power of all the Infinity Stones. He can disconnect a player or even time everyone out with a simple snap of his finger. He shows this power everytime he wakes up using the phrase "I am inevitable" and snapping his fingers.
  • Annoying Waffle - This is the most special power TheDemetri has. He has the ability to endlessly annoy WaffleNomster. 'Nuff said.


  • TheDemetri used to wield the mighty sword Daethril, the Soul Corruptor given to him by High Overlord Lag until it burned in lava. The Unknown Entity saw this and chose TheDemetri to be the new wielder of Rhunaril, the God-Killer, the only weapon known to kill a God made from the Entity's own body.
  • TheDemetri also holds the mighty pickaxe "The Earthshaker" which can make an earthquake with a single sweep.
  • Another pickaxe that TheDemetri can use is "The Diamond Duper" which is able to create diamonds out of thin air.
  • TheDemetri's armor is made out of adamantium and is rumored to be indestructible

What He Likes

  • Sarcasm
  • Dark Humor
  • Building
  • Exploring
  • Farming stuff
  • Minecraft Beta 1.3
  • Generally making fun of people
  • Getting tp'd by WaffleNomster
  • Being a lazy fuck
  • Admin shenanigans (mostly techkid6, jimmyd93 and Anna_28)

What He Dislikes

  • Those damned griefers
  • Donors
  • Finishing builds
  • Talking to people

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