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User Comixnik
Known as Nik, Comix
Gender Male
Location Sheffield, United Kingdom
Nationality English
DOB -03-23
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 08 April 2011
First building A cobblestone house on StromIsle
Donor level *** Iron
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Stromisle comixnik.png

Comixnik came to Freedonia for the first time due to boredom on his main server, "Caretown". On the first day, he met Stromhurst, and he took him to the town StromIsle. Comixnik was accepted as the first resident there, and built a house, which he still lives in now. Comix became a Moderator on Caretown, which meant he hardly came onto Freedonia. But after a major catastrophe, Caretown was no more. The server had vanished, and there was no trace of it. This is when Comixnik made the permanent move to Freedonia.


  1. His real name is Nik Sudan
  2. Comixnik makes games and music in his free time
  3. He plays the Keyboard, Piano, Guitar and Bass
  4. He writes a blog at
  5. He's quite the keen bean at Redstone wiring and circuits