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User DarkSnowDance

Err, um, ah, Errr Panda girl?

Known as Snow
Gender Female
Nationality Murica
DOB Sometime a while ago-???-???
Occupation Resident Hermit
In Freedonia
First joined 2016
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An adorable little snowball that actually contains a rock, so that when thrown at a target it will kill them.

She refuses to register and wants to forever stay a "noob".

Every time she talks she dies a little inside current death count: we lost track on the 13th of April 2016 somewhere around 756,000 (for someone who hates talking she sure does talk a lot).

The snowy side

Snow at first comes off as a lovable mute who is skittish and shy. When she does say something its delivered in a way that more adorable than... well just about anything.

The dark side darkSnowDance "you sold your soul to me now you can never escape, gricer1326 is next". Alkarius_Endgame " I have made a terrible mistake" (at least I'm the one editing this page)