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User gricer1326

Rubik's cubes are alright, but Magma cubes are much better.

Known as gricer, gric, G, Eliot, idiot
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
DOB 1997-01-26
Occupation Bike courier by day, musician by night, all-around leftist beta cucktard
In Freedonia
First joined January 8th 2012
First building The BreakfastCraft house
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"You're the wife. Deal with it." - DarkSnowDance

"eww gricer go eat a fly ugly" - SailBird and treepuncher755

The unnecessarily long-winded history

Although he's not sure how, gricer one day discovered the server's website and was instantly captivated by the scale of the...well, everything really -- and most importantly, the fact that it had all been done in survival. For the next four years he appeared in Freedonia occasionally when not taking care of admin duties on the now-defunct BreakfastCraft server. He also made a point of bringing fellow BreakfastCraft staff members and other players he took a liking to into Freedonia, and even building a house near Lavatown for them. After BreakfastCraft, he went on to co-found the also-defunct MCRedemption, taking several pages out of the MCO book in doing so. After taking an extended break from the game, he returned more or less full-time in the spring of 2016, this time with friends.

He maintains a strictly-survival building philosophy, and refuses to touch creative mode as he finds it unchallenging and unsatisfying. This is 100% because of MCO. No joke.

I like trains

Like most autistic people*, gricer1326 maintains an intense, almost sexual love for trains. As a result, he has taken it upon himself to kickstart a massive expansion of the Freedonia Railway System, helped by Alkarius_Endgame and occasionally Anna_28, thesprazzzler and DarkSnowDance.

*although not diagnosed as such, but very likely to be the case.


  • Playing guitar
  • Good music
  • Collaborating on unreasonably large building projects
  • Beer
  • MCO
  • Making shit jokes that nobody laughs at, because they're not funny
  • Being less of a dick than Alkarius_Endgame
  • Meeting new people
  • Having fruitful discussions (Although he's shit at it, being monotone and incredibly slow most of the time).


  • Block lag
  • Pointless arguments
  • Being interrupted by his father
  • JZTech101
  • Conspiracy theories and the people who create them
  • Anyone who believes that political correctness is a major problem facing the world
  • Being unintentionally offensive

Fun facts

"Gricers an okay guy at least half the time." - PoppySeedMuffins

< mk59apr> gricer is like scotch on the rocks
< mk59apr> but without the rocks
< gricer1326> or the scotch, for that matter

For a time gricer1326 was believed to be the only active Canadian in Freedonia, however recently it has been discovered that mk59apr lives just a couple of hours down the road.

He is the single most boring person to talk to on the face of the planet, being utterly unable to carry a conversation for more than a minute at a time. Alkarius_Endgame once jokingly said "sorry, I've lost track of what you're saying" while being read this section out loud, a comment which Gricer took literally (because that's how slow he is). He's so slow that RearAdmiralSarge is almost better at talking than him.

His real name, Eliot, means something silly like "disciple of Jehovah" which is unfortunate because he's not religious. It also sounds like it could be a portmanteau of "Elephantine" and "Idiot", which would be much, much more appropriate.

He has much-larger-than-average hands, due to the fact that he inherited the bizarre long-fingered proportions of his mother's and the sheer size of his father's. He rather enjoys using them to push RearAdmiralSarge into wells that are full of fish.

Notable Projects