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User fthtjyjy
Known as fth ftht Sans-Culotte
Gender Male
Location Brazil
Nationality Brazilian
DOB 1998-08-4
In Freedonia
First joined 11/07/2013
First building Atlantida
Kit level ***** Nether
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
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Notable Quotes

A builder extraordinaire, his reputation for incredible buildings is so great that werdnaz traveled to his island to steal his ideas.[dubious]



60% complete
Also known as "Giant Underwater Glass Dome Complex". It is basically a complex of glass domes connected to each other by glass pipes. Even though it isn't a especially creative idea, he's never seen many underwater domes being used together to form a city. It is located right next to Sporeta so fthtjyjy could get the resources that he needed.

Construction 101

  1. Use to generate the spheres.
  2. Locate the place where the dome will be built.
  3. Flatten the seabed (this is where he got most of the sand from).
  4. Build the dome layer by layer.
  5. Fill it with dirt or any other cheap material.
  6. Dig the inside out.
  7. Repeat the process for other domes.

The Lighthouse

100% complete
Just a simple lighthouse made of red and white wool used to signal the location of freedonia to the world!

The Hindenburg

70% complete
A 149 meters long, 45 meters wide airship made of light gray wool. It has the exact size of the original one and is located in Sporeta.

Construction 101

  1. Locate a cross-section diagram of the original Hindenburg
  2. Create approximations of the thickness of the airship in each of the 149 different circular sections
  3. Use to generate the circles (just make a sphere with the diameter you need and choose the biggest circle)
  4. Build the circles, some repeating up to 18 times (they need to have even diameters or it will look weird)
  5. Create the interior (it will be located in the thickest circle)

The Jerusalem cube

100% complete
A 64x64x64 cobble fractal located in an island right off Sporeta that has repeated shapes of crosses.

Spawn house

70% complete
A simple cottage that got out of hand and now has 4 floors.

The Ftht

Fthtjyjy is actually capable of replicating his own mind within the bodies of other hosts, creating a formidable ftht hivemind. This phenomenon has been witnessed several times on IRC, and is well documented. One day he plans to take over the world with these mental clones.[1]