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User werdnaz

I look like this IRL, honest

Known as Naz or Werd
Gender Male
Location Edinburgh
Nationality Scottish
DOB -01-1
Occupation Professional procrastinator
In Freedonia
First joined 06 April 2011
First building His house
Staff member Admin
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<werdnaz> If he dies, I call dibs on his diamonds.

<The_Jackal_249> your a horrible person ;)

Werdnaz first joined minecraftonline in the beginning of April 2011. Since then, he hasn't really got much done, though he has moved house a few times.

Currently he is "working" on his maze, which he will eventually finish one day, if there weren't so many distractions around, like dungeons or treasure hunts.

He can often be found trying to give away stuff no one wants, usually buckets, saddles, music disks or cobblestone Since becoming a mod, he mainly hoards things, the selfish bastard.

Current Project: The Great Maze, a ridiculously huge maze constructed of mossy cobblestone and cobblestone.

werdnaz in his natural habitat


  • Dungeon hunting
  • Reading the new articles on the wiki
  • Shooting people with his flame bow
  • Acquiring shiny things
  • Most of the MCO staff
  • Bookcases and libraries
  • Forests
  • Creating copious amounts of copies of the builds of creative citizens of freedonia[dubious]
A day in the life of werdnaz


  • People who ask questions, and ignore the answers, before spamming chat with the same question
  • Griefers
  • Those who "terraform" the land into a flat square for their shitty towns
  • Ghasts, the bastards
  • Ghast spawn rates, fuck you whoever's fault it is
  • Villagers
  • Trolls who lack finesse, relying instead of a steady stream of misspelt abuse

Things people have said about werdnaz

<Mcgoo500> wardnaz u shuoldent be on the rank ur on
<Mcgoo500> ur so freaking rude

<Palindrome7> Oh how I've missed the witty repartee in here
<Palindrome7> Especially werd's wit, it makes me feel as though I need a tetanus shot

<spazzkiller4> your gay and need a life werdnaz

<jordancolgan> wat a faget fank fuk he gon

<Zayd77777> werdnaz is a idiot

<gadd123> Go Fuck Your Self

<catspaw123456789> SHUT UP WERD I DONT CARE

<MattyQ> I would never say Werd isn't evil
<MattyQ> Lovable
<MattyQ> but I can't say one way or the other on evil

. . . Or things he has said about himself

<werdnaz> Yeah, well I'm a hypocrite, as well as being insane

<werdnaz> What can I say, I'm an asshole.