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User KevinGriffioen

King of his own town

Known as Kevin, Kev
Gender Male
Location Belgium
Nationality Dutch
DOB 1996-10-17
Occupation Bartender
In Freedonia
First joined 16/02/17
First building Kevin's home
Staff member Moderator
Donor level ***** Aether
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About Kevin

I dont like to write about myself. If you need anything you can always ask me for help in game. I do not really like pvp, unless provoked.

If you want to know me, you can ask me anything in game.


I have my own town, Grifftopia. Grifftopia is almost completely build by myself. I expect a lot from builds and that is why I do not like other people to build inside Grifftopia. But you are always free to come and explore the many houses and other builds in the city. And there is a freebuild area right outside Grifftopia. Just ask me.