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green_towns.png Grifftopia

The village under construction, taken from the watchtower

Founder kevingriffioen
Contributors Freeman77, SaintSebi, NHC_THK
Category Towns
Underground? No
Fortified? Yes
Public access? Yes
Public build? No
Road link? Yes
Nexus link? No
Rail link? No
Boat link? No
Portal? Yes
Coordinates X=-2504
Dimension Overworld
Map link

Grifftopia is the village of kevingriffioen. It is built in the valley around Kevin's home.

About Grifftopia

It has a medieval style and the poor and rich districts are separated. In this village are multiple districts, a castle, a huge market plaza, multiple statues, an inn with restaurant, a chicken and egg farm, a church, a mine and a watchtower. There are also multiple beacons in the city.

The poor district is recognizable by the narrow streets and the small houses of bad quality. The rich district is in the middle and surrounds the church, the roads are wide and nicely maintained. On the 2nd hill is a middle class district. Small houses but nicely maintained and decorated. On the market are many stalls where you can get certain items, in the future, real shops are added where you can get food and other materials for low prices.

The castle is kevingriffioen's new house and has a big golden throne and many luxurious items, the paths are made with emerald and there is a large dining room, a smith, a kitchen, storage, small library, armory and large master bedroom in the castle.

In the future, The village will be expanded with a library and many other houses, huge auto crop farms and even a small fishing area.

There is a small fountain in the center of the rich district and a big fountain and statues on the main market plaza.

All the houses in the village itself are public.

There are sheep, pigs and cows and also some wheat.

There is also an entrance to the mine of the village. This is a dark and dangerous mine and it is protected with a big wall and multiple iron doors. The entrance to the mine is big and luxurious. Giving away some of the riches that can be found in the mine.

How do I get here?

You have read the wiki, you saw the pictures. Now you want to see this in person. The fastest way to get here is with the in-game command /warp artville. From here it is only 100 blocks to the large medieval gates into grifftopia.

If you want to get a nice sight of the nature and beauty around Grifftopia, you can travel to the central nexus. And walk the path from there. You will cross a huge bridge, and have to walk a long road before finally reaching Grifftopia. Although this path is long, it is a very nice route and is nicely lit and decorated.

There is a route between BenjaminStad and grifftopia. although this one is long and dangerous!

The Greenhaven Expansion

Greenhaven Village is a village that helped kevin to survive the first few days. It was an abandoned ghost town where he found food and shelter. Kevin wanted to thank the city and its pevious owners, by making Greenhaven Village great again. He connected Grifftopia and Greenhaven with a large road, rebuild the Greenhaven treefarm and Greenhaven cobblestone generator. But the only way he could make Greenhaven great again was with the help of other players. So he created a piece of land which is now free to build. If you want to build here. Just add a sign to the wooden notice board and you can build in every free area you want. This freebuild area is know as Grifftopia-Greenhaven. Because it is right in the middle of the 2 cities.


As stated above, Grifftopia-Greenhaven is a freebuild area for all players. There are many autofarms and a plaza where you can get building materials.