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User missingcupid

I made it myself!

Known as Cupid
Gender Female
Location USA
Nationality American
DOB 2008-09-13th
Occupation None
In Freedonia
First joined 12th October 2017
First building October 2017
Donor level * Donated
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I first joined on the 12th of October in 2017. I made my first house right by /warp WestWood. After not playing for over 1 whole year, I finally decided to log on again. I met Pretzel33 and Indigopogo in the spawn area. Pretzel Asked if I needed a place to live and I said yes. He took me down to Sand Island, Now known as part of the United Bedrocco States. Me and Indigopogo made a small house on a medium-sized island. Then, everything changed. I logged on 1 week later and all of the sudden there is a huge building in front of my house. Soon, we got our nexus (before our island joined United Bedrocco States) since we had a good wiki page. We opened our small residency to the public, and now we have over 40 people. If you would like to come visit Sand Island use nexus orange 2, and if you want to visit Takadonia, use nexus lime 3. My current house is in Rose Ridge New Eden. _