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After Mojang changed their EULA to say players cannot pay for advantages, MCO was blacklisted because of the donation system, and so they had to roll out a new one. Old ones can be purchased from the Store via voting, and it has the same perks as Legacy Donors. The new ones contain completely different cosmetic perks. This category is for those who have donated to the server and have a green star(s) in-game. This is separate from legacy Wood level donor or Wood kit without donation.

To see a list of Legacy Donors, please check here

New Donors are prefixed with green stars, with the amount associated with the rank. If one has Legacy Donor ranks or Kits, Donor ranks will overwrite them (exceptions may apply). However, regardless of Donor rank numbers, the wiki all labels as one same Donor category.

CaptureNameMINIGUNLORD.PNG An example of in-game names. One green star means Donor I.

Do not add this category manually; Specify donor status on the user page's infobox user.

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