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User NickEter


Known as Nick
Gender Male
Location Russia
Nationality Russian
DOB 2004-12-1
Occupation Loser
In Freedonia
First joined 22 September 2019
First building Schmansion
Kit level ***** Nether
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About NickEter

I joined MCO in September 2019 under the name NicKeter just because i was curious about the oldest server in Minecraft. It's entirely unknown how i found the server as i remember hearing of it years before that. I wilderness'd, built a little underground base, and started doing random s#!t. Later, i changed my name to schlapa then back again to NickEter.

I'm a 2b2t'er(no longer LOL), but i respect MCO's rules and love this server.

In December 2021 i got an alt account, current username - WinVistaIsNotBad


  • Music
  • Music
  • People in particular
  • Building and experimenting
  • Randomly travelling around Freedonia
  • Collecting map art
  • Exploring the wiki(totally not a stalker)
  • ibxtoydog


  • People in general
  • Gathering building materials
  • Grinding and farming[dubious]
  • ibxtoydog