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User ibxtoydog

Me. :) The dark eye circles are important!

Known as Anything really. She doesn't appreciate people calling her "dog", though
Gender Female
Nationality Czech
DOB -2.-25.
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 4th of May 2020
First building Her first base on the edge of a jungle beach.
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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About Toydog⭒

  • ☆━━━━━━━ Ibxtoydog (also known by her real name Aveline / Ave she chose) is an introverted, bisexual, czech girl who's age is mostly unknown. For some reason in the past just about everyone thought she was a guy, and even nowadays not everyone knows she isn't one. ━━━━☆

Early mco Life

It was a peaceful monday evening, 4th of May 2020. Little did anyone know, soon, chaos would strike and MinecraftOnline would gain a new regular and later moderator..

When she first joined with the username Foxcat25... she didn't! Her render distance was too high so she then proceeded to find the MCO subreddit and asked there. After getting an answer, she quickly deleted the post, embarrassed because the answer was as simple as "turn your render distance down".

As she finally actually joined the game, after watching FitMC's video, she immediately started liking the server and followed the rules. That's how simple it is..

She found a really nice place jungle beach and started building a house there. It was.. really ugly. However, she would end up living in it for months.

After playing for a while, she forgot about the server and stopped playing for about a month. One day, she looked at the servers on her list and decided to join MCO again. When she joined the game, Aziroeth said she hasn't seen ibx for a while, and thanks to that, she didn't stop playing probably because she felt like she wasn't nothing to the community and someone actually knew her. :)

Nowadays, she's usually with 1235_John -- totally not her husband -- or in her base watching out for grief.


✎ She was promoted on 2nd December, 2020.

What she Likes

♡ Art, especially digital art

YouTubers like ibxtoycat, Grian, Kurtis Conner etc. She has no life and spends a lot of her time watching them.

The color Pink

Hamsters, Cows, Dogs, Fish, Cats and more cute little animals :) she has a few of her own.


Other friends of hers <3

Electro music ♫ Her favorite band is Mystery Skulls

Collecting things (her favorite things to collect are books! She has over 90 in game!)

Iron golems

Building and Terraforming

Asian food

What she Dislikes

★ Onion. Why does it exist? Why is it everywhere? Probably her least favorite thing..

☆ Maths

★ Metal music ♪

☆ People making fun of her phobia (No, not onions)

★ Mean people

☆ Loud things

★ Politics and arguments. When that's brought up, she won't shut up.. xD

☆ Obvious things like homophobia, racism, transphobia, sexism etc. even if it's a joke. Jokes are supposed to be funny.. :P