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User ibxtoydog
Known as Anything, ibx, toydog, no one calls me the same
Gender Female
Location The womb
Nationality Czech
DOB 25. 2.
Occupation Student
In Freedonia
First joined 4th of May 2020
First building Her own house
Staff member Moderator
Donor level * Donated
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About Toydog

Ibxtoydog first joined mco on the 4th of May 2020 with the username "Foxcat25" because of Fitmc (yes, she is unfortunately from the fit invasion.) Right now, she is the second most active czech after the admin called Demetri and fights moon fans pretty much everyday.

She often calls people "my sweet" or "my dear" and sometimes says "i love you" to basically everyone she even slightly likes, however, if that makes you uncomfortable, please tell her!

Early mco Life

When she first joined... she didn't. Her render distance was too high. However, for some reason she refused to give up and asked about it on the MCO reddit.

After she was finally able to join, she went on an adventure. She stole a few bones and sandstone from an unlocked chest, went on a boat trip, complained about how we are not able to drink water in minecraft even though we are (potions), and for some reason, didnt leave. She found a beautiful beach just by a jungle some time later and built the only type of house she could build at the time. Then, after some more time, she quit/stopped playing for about a month. When she decided to go online again, someone said "Oh hey Toydog, havent seen you on for a while", and that made her stay. If they didn't say it, she wouldn't be playing today. She doesn't remember who said it, appreciates it so much.

The first people she talked to.. there weren't many. Although she tried to get people's attention, it didn't work very well. The only person she talked to that she remembers was RunRun_5, who is now banned. Now she has many friends and is pretty well known on the server for an average player.


She was promoted on 2nd December, 2020.

What she Likes

- Ibxtoycat, if that wasn't obvious

- Grian, if it wasn't for him, she wouldn't start building <3

- Hermitcraft and all the hermits

- Good attention

- Her friends

- Cute funky emoticons such as o.O

- Collecting signed books

- Nicknames

- Annoying Apple

- Being annoyed by Apple

- Coffee

- Building

- Drawing

- Pink!

- Iron golems <3

- Did i mention Grian?

What she Dislikes

- Onion. The worst thing known to mankind.

- Politics

- Studiomoontv

- Meanies >:(

- Being sad :(

- Maths