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User nodoka_miyazaki

Hatsune Miku

Known as Nodoka
Occupation Server
In Freedonia
First joined 01 August 2011
Kit level ***** Nether
Legacy donor level ***** Nether
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This account is permanantly banned from the wiki, as it has been hacked by people to vandalize pages.

About Nodoka_Miyazaki

HATES, HATES, HATES PvP. Seriously, One of the few things that will make me upset. Doesn't mean I won't stick a sword in your face for mindlessly attacking me. A wonderful former moderator and person in general. Her town Mushieville is one of the most awesome places on the server according to Ellen124.

Founder of MushieVille.

nodoka_miyazaki at MushieVille

The Set That Spanned Two Days

On April 22nd 2013, the day before Nodoka's birthday, he/she decided to grace the airwaves with an electrohouse fusion. Since he/she was feeling generous, this streaming session lasted 5 whole hours, with each song being handpicked. Never once during the whole set was anything set on auto. This is because Nodoka picks his/her set with love and care. This is so far the longest manual set in the current history of MCOR.