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User Ellen124
Known as Ellen
Gender Female
Location Sweden
Nationality Swedish
DOB 1997-11-16
Occupation Mayor of Freedonia
In Freedonia
First joined 8 March 2011
Kit level ***** Diamond
Legacy donor level ***** Diamond
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One of the most popular players on MinecraftOnline, Ellen is always friendly and helpful, but if you manage to make her angry, she will stick a sword in your stomach, albeit in a very friendly way. She spends most of her time reading the MinecraftOnline wiki and chatting on IRC these days. Can also be found on TeamSpeak. On 02/12/12 Ellen was elected Mayor of Freedonia. Link to the chat logs of the results when it was announced.

Ellen is a member of Glen Team.

"Ellen, your name looks like an Avatar fan" - The_Jackal_249 shortly after Ellen became a mod.

The Truth werdnaz has suspected for some time that Ellen is in fact a violent sociopath, with little regard for life. Many others would not listen, but some did, and they feared for their lives as she descended in madness. thesprazzzler certainly did notice this, but generally his pleas for her to stop, just encouraged the crazed killing sprees.


<Ellen124> yes, i am making the house to trap children
<The_Jackal_249> ELLEN you MONSTER
[IRC] <Causeless> I'm pretty sure she's really a crocodile

<Ellen124> this bow is dangerous... i have a violent urge to kill someone ;)

[IRC]<werdnaz> The rule is KILL THEM ALL, THE UGLY BASTARDS >:D
[IRC]<Ellen> hell yeah werd >:)
[IRC]<Ellen> >:) I have an evil plan
[IRC]<Ellen> just a lot of villagers, a small room, and lava >:)
[IRC]<Ellen> first, ill shut them in the tiny room for a few days
[IRC]<Ellen> then when they all have children ill drop them into lava >:)
<logicbug> Something really wrong with you Ellen :-)

Finally, a confession!

<Ellen> werd is probably right ;) im not nice at all

Quotes Ellen124 And enjo, if you want to have kids I suggest not hugging me again :)

Ellen ready for battle