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User Ravenstaver
Known as Raven
Gender Male
Location The sky
Nationality English
In Freedonia
First joined 15 April 2012
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Ravenstaver is a player who is always looking to help out anyone that needs help. He started out on MCO by building a small cobblestone house and then moving to New Venice for a little bit. Then he moved to Kurai Cho for a long time. Then finally moved out when his home became a bit crowded by all his friends. He went and found a nice small cave to live in. But then all his friends followed him. That's when he came up for the idea for the sky-islands above Rutopia. They were supposed to be for him and his friends but at that time, only Ravenstaver had played for 100 hours. So after he had built the sky-islands he stopped leaving them half complete. But because his friends couldn't move to the sky-islands they just settled below them. That, has now led to the creation of the new warp; Rutopia.