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User SleeplessTheCat
Known as Sleepless, Sleepy, Sleep, and e.t.c that includes Sleep.
Gender Male
Location California, USA
Nationality America
DOB 20**-05-9th
In Freedonia
First joined September 9th,2018
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Origins of Sleepless SleeplessTheCat has been playing the Minecraft Franchise since November of 2013, though it was Minecraft PE. He migrated to the Java Edition in 2017. He used to play on servers, especially a factions server. Since August of 2018, he already quit Factions, and played on other servers of his own liking. But on Septemer 9, 2018, a user SnapJaw introduced him to MinecraftOnline which will be his favorite server of all time. Unfortunately, he quit the server, giving away all of his he had accumulated over the past year he was playing to the MCO playerbase. He also gave away builds to some players as well.

Sleepless's Accomplishments

Hitting 1000 hours. SleeplessTheCat: 1000 isn’t enough, we have to get to 2000!

Sleepless's Projects

The Cube Of Sleepless

Things Sleepless Likes

Community Projects witchy1000
Nice people
Impressive builds
Half-Life and Portal

Things Sleepless Hates

Annoying traps
Spawnfagging (I mean give the new players a chance)
Dying api448

Past Usernames while playing Minecraft Online SleeplessI Chirstianity Sleepless0 NotSleepless SleeplessIsACat ___Sleepless___ SleeplessTheCat SleeplessIsACat's old house.