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User xXOakTheTreeXx

Its just a human

Known as Oak
Gender Male
Location United States
Nationality American?
DOB 2004-05-29
Occupation Minecrafter
In Freedonia
First joined 10th January 2019
First building Oakland
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Hello there, names Oak, founder and current owner of Oakland and 3 different castles.

Yeah I have a problem with building them

I started my wonderful journey to the current location of Oakland by following Route 101 for a.. very long time, with the help of Paladin_Heihachi guiding me, I found a beautiful landform and with his help founded Oaks Natural Preservation. A very long story later (see Oakland wiki page for full story) and now I have a town, crazy right?

I also live in Oak's castle which was a huge undertaking to create, thanks for the cobblestone, people

I really enjoy this community I'm a part of and the small community I've formed. Thanks for all the memories I've created so far and I cant wait to create more

I also advocate for the immediate and permanent protection of the rare alpha trees