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"An inferior Pirate takes his treasure, and does what? Nothing. I take what I gain, break it down, twist it, give it new purpose....There's no map that can beat science!" Vecxin

green_complexes.png VecxTech Laboratories

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Owner Vecxin
Category Complexes
Underground? Partially
Public? Partially
Started 21 January 2020
Completed In Progress
Coordinates X=248
Dimension Overworld
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On January 21st, 2020. This funky looking robot guy, Vecxin, was wondering behind the Cathedral build, basking in its since outdated Gothic Glory. Filled with a desire to build a place where he can conduct experiments mainly pertaining to redstone or craftbook, and the general need for a home, he decided to create this place. In under 70 hours, he caused Moderators to become suspicious of how fast he was progressing, but he claims he is resourceful.


At the Time, Vecxon was reading the novel "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelly and wanted to convey the dark aspirations of Victor but replace Victor with Himself, and make those aspirations less dark. The Gothic Outside is detailed, and has a large spire. Underneath it, is the main hall, and other basic workrooms. However, most of the action happens in the chunks beneath. Its also perfectly aligned with the old Cathedral and even follows some of the same design choices. It is quite common for Vecx to die a terrible death by falling off the top spire of the Labs. The spire design is highlighted with the red accents via the nether bricks and other various colorful blocks. There is also a covered hallway that is close to the spawn wall that serves as the main entrance for many players as the top entrance takes more effort to reach.

The outer area is full of natural life, as much grass, water, and jungle trees dot the area. This is because Vecx enjoys "Green Architecture" in real life buildings, and carries it into some of his Minecraft builds. There is also a large hydro-core in the center atrium of the labs, which glosses over all floors.

Sub-1: Containment

This is the Containment floor. Here Vecx stores "cursed" artifacts from the dark recesses of past, or future? People who have engaged with these artifacts have not been the same since. Some are much less harmful than others. There are also some historical things added to the collection from players or staff. (See Specimens for Details). This is the main reason as for why VecxTech was built. There are plenty of open rooms, so if you think you have got something that is worth locking up, then let it be known. Otherwise, only Vecxin has the ability to open any of the doors on this level. But any visitors are welcome to view the goods.

Sublevel: 1:

Sub-2: Machines And Residence Area

This is where Vecx makes his auto-farms and grinders. He also plans on lightly testing craftbook commands in on this floor. This is also the floor where VecxTech is connected to Batugus Labs. Forming an interesting Science complex in the area. The 2nd transport tube system in Batugus also has a line to the lobby of VecxTech.

Sub-3: Storage and Core Access

Here is the main storage area for the facility. It has a multi-layered protection system with doors that only certain individuals can access, as well as trap to kill any unwanted attention.