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green_monuments.png Cathedral

External view of Cathedral in Minecraft Alpha

Owner Tinowyn
Category Monuments
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Completed 2010
Size north to south 30m
Size west to east 50m
Height 30m
Coordinates X=256
Dimension Overworld
Map Link

Cathedral is a gothic monument, in the vague style of a church with an elaborate vaulted ceiling. It is notable for having been built entirely from smoothstone and stone slabs, at a time when these materials were relatively difficult to obtain. Constructed in the misty depths of Freedonia's forgotten history, the original author has long since been forgotten but is speculated to be Tinowyn (author of Satellite).

The furnaces used to smelt the smoothstone can still be seen off to one side of the entrance; these are still "perpetual" furnaces, as they pre-date operating furnaces online, and had to be lit manually using the Llamacraft mod.

Its location is also notable, as its Z coord is zero - it is due south of the UngriefableTower warp, and the distance is an exact multiplier of the chunk boundaries. The reason for this choice is not known.


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