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User Vezxin

Anthro Pirate Fox

Known as Vezxin, Dr_Vex_Ender
Gender Male
Location United States
DOB 2001-00-00
Occupation Medical and Computer Science Student
In Freedonia
First joined 21 January 2020
First building VecxTech Laboratories (Now Vulpiri Sanctum)
Donor level * Donor
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Vezxin is a regular MCO player who joined in early 2020 just to build a small tower. Until that tower became something bigger and he managed to get along well with the community. His favorite thing to do on the server is steal from unlocked containers and build various futuristic-ish structures. Mostly relating to nautical themes.

Time As Staff On MCO [2020 - 2021] techkid6 promoted Vezxin to Moderator on March 29th 2020. Only 2.5 months after joining. SlowRiot promoted Vezxin to Admin on March 14th 2021.
Vezxin resigned from his Admin position on June 9th 2021.

Vezxin the Thief And Pirate [2022 - Present]

Returning to MCO after a 6 month long hiatus. Vezxin figured that he would finally embrace his inner desires, and focus more on the land of Freedonia itself, instead of serving it as he did in the two prior years. Starting in December 2021, Vezxin began stealing from unlocked containers, swiping up floored items, and transporting goods to various locations throughout the land. He is always open to discuss trades as he gathers various treasures and stores them in his ship. Where he currently resides.

He can mostly be seen without armor, though he is swift enough to avoid getting killed by any other Freedonian. As many have tried but failed. He doesn't prefer to engage with other players in PVP as he finds stealth and theft more fulfilling than murdering players for their loot.