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Organisations Freedonian Imperial Federation

The Imperial Seal

Leadership snakyman (chancellor)
Headquarters Shatlantis
Founded 14th December, 2019
Public? No

The Freedonian Imperial Federation, aka the MCO Empire is an empire in Freedonia that governs many cities. It is born out of the ashes of BenEm and has annexed its cities to resume operation. It was annexed on May 16 2020 via a senate vote in BenEm. Shatlantis, the former BenEm Headquarters, has been renovated to suit the needs of the empire. The empire was dormant from its founding in 2019 until May 2020, after snakyman was unbanned and reformed it under the new order.

To be clear, the Empire does not claim any real power over the members, we just seek to unite everyone and give them a seat in the senate and protection. The senate meetings are headed by the emperor, snakyman. Bills that pass are then sent to the governor or director of whatever part of the empire the bill relates to. The bill can be vetoed or altered by them.


Goverment Headquarters

Member Organizations

Organizations affiliated with the empire



Basically the speaker of the house

Supreme Commander to the Imperial Fleet

Essentially Darth Vader


A grand Moff is the owner of an empire within the empire, or high ranking people.


The owner of an organization that is not an empire within the empire.


A leader of a town in the empire. Has a seat in the server senate.

Any town mayor


Military officer


Soldiers of the military


A citizen of any town listed below.

Member States

Member states hold more power than annexed states.

Annexed States

These refer to states annexed from a previous empire that have not fully joined. The empire does not have direct control there.

  • BenjaminStad the old capital of BenEm. highly urbanised.
  • KSCity - Once, it was a competitor of BenjaminStad, but, after KS_Life became inactive and sold the town to BenjaminBsuper, the activity of town halted. Now, the town is being repurposed, since it has a lot of useful space.
  • Tussenstad - One of the most important parts of BenEm which has been independent of the Empire for a great part of the late summer of 2018. Since 30 september it's back.
  • TwanStad - A rare case - a claimed territory without any residential buildings is a town.
  • Merchilles - Despite it's size, this town lives with a status of Batavia's architecture centre. Located in the desert outback of Batavia.
  • Oldville - A town that declared itself independent of Tussenstad.
  • Isfiskholt - A small town that has rejoined after having been independent for a short while.
  • Winterstad - A small village that has been claimed to be part of Tussenstad
  • BearTown - A town with large houses and a rustic style, very close to Batavia
  • Grifftopia - This major architecture centre is having a unique system of "poor" and "rich" districts.
  • Greenhaven Village - Despite being a separate town, this town with sad history is a part of Grifftopia's area.
  • Berghpas - A town, which stayed on paper.
  • Nieuw Inverness - This town is having a strange case of BenjaminBsuper getting town ownership from a banned player through another person.
  • Gelderburg - A plan, which is being done by Appelsaus_
  • Numington Town - Earlier centre of Forrrest activity, which is inactive for now.
  • Silver Lake - This town is very unique, because it successfully attracted people during player invasions.
  • Santa Luca - A town founded by LucaTheHispanic.
  • Finni's Village - A town founded by Finnimations, currently lacking a name.
  • LittoilLand - The area owned by Codetoil.
  • The UnderLands - A settlement founded by tyhdefu that's almost entirely underground.
  • Boat - A town on a boat.
  • Aeston Isle

Ally States

States allied from another empire


The Freedonian Imperial Federation is a United Nations like organization in Freedonia. The goal is to make a common and fair alliance to join together different towns, empires and organizations.


A town can join the empire as its own state, and have a seat in the senate. However, larger empires that have gathered many towns, can join as a member as well. The empire leaders join the Imperial high command and become a Grand Moff. The towns in the empire get seats in the senate. To ensure that the leaders of the empires that join remain happy, bills passed by the senate will be sent to the leader of the organization that the bill applies to to ratify it.


The Senate of the Empire is headquarted in Shatlantis. Leaders of towns in the empire can vote in the senate. The head of the senate is the Emperor. The emperor is in charge of making sure that the bills reach the senate floor, and works with the Grand Moffs to create plans. The Grand Moffs reserve the right to withdraw their organization from the empire, and the emperor has no control of them.

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