Amperean Embassy

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green_embassies.png Amperean Embassy

The Amperean Embassy

Owner Unknown
Category Embassies
Underground? No
Public? Yes
Coordinates X=-237
Dimension Overworld
Settlement DrumCity
Map link

There are Amperean Embassies in many cities all over Freedonia. They are linked to[unconfirmed] the Amperean Portal Network and serve to:

  • Act as portal nodes for the network
  • Act as safe havens for citizens of the Amperean Empire
  • Act as places for potential citizens to find out more about the Amperean Empire

DrumCity Embassy

The embassy in Drumcity is one of the oldest embassies in the Amperean Empire and dates back to the days when the Amperean Empire and the Dial Republic were close allies.